One more stop. It's time to take a little vacation break. While we are shopping in Worth Avenue -, we head to the residential area of Palm Beach and fall in love with this amazing 2.25 acre gated estate with 24,000 sq ft mansion worth $56,000,000 at 1960 S. Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, Florida 33480. A perfect place to relax, and sip some Dom Perignon - This beautifully crafted interior home by Juan Pablo Molyneux, makes you feel like you are in a luxury hotel. It has 8 bd, 11 ba, an extraordinary wine cellar, heated swimming pool, guest pool house, formal gardens, 6 car garage. Dom Perignon Rose Vintage - Room Service - ModetopiaModel, can be seen on YouTube. We tell realtor Cristina Condon from Sotheby's International Realty - Palm Beach Brokerage that we love this place. That is not like any other place. Behold, it has a private beach area on the Atlantic Ocean and a dock on Lake Worth. Dom Perignon x Lenny Kravitz: The Film is on YouTube. We meet to eat at Ta-boo restaurant - on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach to talk business with Chairman and CEO, Brendan Swords of Wellington Management - How we can do business with him in Palm Beach, Florida. We want to preserve this lovely place for the historical values it has. For lunch, at Ta-boo I always order the Chicken Milanese and for dinner the Filet Mignon with some wine when I go there. It reminds me of the ones I had when I was back home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. By now, we are feeling so good that we believe we need to set standards and make health a priority. In our business, if we don't feel healthy, life won't be as much fun and as expensive and nice as it should be. We decide, to open a health spa clinic for preventive medicine and some rehabilitation. One where, when you first walk in we put a spell on you. You feel happy and healthy and want to be here. Instead of all as those medical clinic places that as soon as you walk in you already feel sick, even if you are not. Next we focus on working your fine motor skills. Focusing on your muscles and nervous system and working them together to gain inner and outer strength. Where you work on your endurance. How well you do after you have had some time to warm up. This is a very important time because you start to narrow in on what are the particular problems you have that are specific to you and then work on those key issues. We use new and advanced technology, using PharMeDoc - therapy balls, Memory Foam, anti-fatigue standing mat etc. Resistance bands are also very good for doing rep workouts. Pushing against resistance to gravity with your body. Full Body Workout with Resistance Band - Resistance Band Exercise for Beginners - GymRa. Remember to breathe as you workout. Have your mind talk to your muscles to get your body to move. Be careful not to do any abrupt movements that could pull a ligament or muscle. Danskin upper and lower body power cords can be purchased on Amazon. Everyone at the Bonita Vida Inc. Health Clinic is dressed in Tommy Bahama - This is truly a "happy place" just like Happy Days with Ron Howard and Henry Winkler as the Fonz. Next, you can take a break at the juice bar and get something that's gonna help lift your spirits up and keep you energized as you go onto to doing part two of your treatment. These are our speciality drinks used to release the toxins in your body in a positive way. Similar to the ones at, Freshii - With new ones made everyday as at, Terrain - Depending upon the weather and time of day. Here is a list of drinks that can be used as medicine for your heart and body: For a good dosage of vitamin C (c++ programming that creates a software that makes your life easier and healthier) and can help rid a cold or prevent one there is, Freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange and tangerine Chobani - flavored yogurt with Glaceau Vitamin water - Kefir Mango - with plain Greek yogurt Fresh Papaya drink like in an Indian kitchen Apricot and Melon juice Pomegranate with Cranberry juice Lime juice with apricot Ginseng tea with Coconut juice Matcha tea with Apricot juice Watermelon and mint Parsley with Tomato juice Celery juice with seaweed Fresh Carrot juice Glaceau Smart water - with Lemon slices Sparkling Poland Spring - water fresh from Maine with a variety of berries To snack on there is Siggis -, flavored yogurt and Nature's Valley -, granola bar including peanut butter flavor. Chobani Gimmies Yogurt for Kids After you are done with your session, it's time to have a little fun. Now a specialist talks to you about, "jetlag". That's not just something you get when you fly the friendly skies, but also when you go to and from work and even at work. The work you are doing takes a toll on your body. The toxins and pollutants can harm your nervous system, muscles, brain and breathing. A quick way to recharge yourself of the toxins is to wash your hands or use an antibacterial gel on them. For on the go, you can also use alcohol wipe pads on your hands to disinfect them. Both CVS - and Rite Aid - pharmacy. You can create your own set of Holy Water. Big & Rich - Holy Water. You can buy some rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray container and spray it about a foot or two away from your body to cleanse your outer aura of toxins and pollutants you encounter working. Walgreens - has a Isopropyl Wintergreen Alcohol that can be cool and refreshing when sprayed gently on your body. "Making me Strong." Drift Away - Uncle Kracker. "Everything is alright." Follow Me - Uncle Kracker. Dr. Kracker. Note: For your face you can squirt toner on it to help hydrate it. Companies like Aubrey - make a revitalizing therapy toner with rose oil and Sanre Organic Skincare- makes a revitalizing lemon & chamomile facial toner. You can make your own spray from natural ingredients of lemon or grapefruit and water etc. Natural, therapeutic products can help sooth your body of the outer toxics of the world around you. The one you get after a good, healthy day at the beach. Earth Therapeutics - has a wide arrange of helpful products to help you relax and feel better. You may notice that the earth's pollution may also affect your eyes. Your eyes may sometimes get dry and irritated. You can use a lubricant like saline solution from either Arm & Hammer -, Bausch & Lomb - or drops to hydrate such as Equate's Dry Eye Relief or Johnson & Johnson Visine - I even used saline solution on my Cat, SnowWhite. White's eyes to relieve her of dry eyes. If you continue to have a problem and need to use to much you should see an eye doctor. You also need to make sure you keep you yearly eye physical up to date. Also visit your dentist twice a year if you can. My dentist and kid's orthodontist have gone completely digital. The x-rays of your teeth go to the computer for viewing purposes. Even wearing comfortable clothes and shoes can help prevent fatigue. Lululemon - makes comfortable clothes for both men and woman. Athlete Gap - makes comfy clothes for girls and woman as well as Danskin -, Cole Haan - makes comfortable shoes and clothes for all. Aromatherapy can help put you in the right state of mind, change your mood so that it puts you in a better place in life. EO Essential Oils - The scents send messages to your brain and act as healing powers. Organachs Farm to Skin - Certain types of oils and creams can help relieve the pain or heal like Aloe Vera. Lavender helps relax your muscle and nervous system. Whereas, a citrus scent like, orange or grapefruit can help invigorate and cure aches and pains that way. There is even creams that are made from coffee beans. Even rose water or rose cream can help nurture side effects of the toxins you breadth. These creams can be put on your hands, palms, feet and/or body. Not all creams and oils are meant for your face. It is important to note that people react differently to certain types of products. RA Organic Skincare - Commercial 2016 - Markus Solberg. Back to Nature. Not all skin types are not the same and everyone's lifestyle is different requiring different nutrients to help make them strong. Gli Elementi - Rediscover your skin's natural beauty - commercial 2018. Then there is also creams you can use on your face and hands when you go to work to help keep the toxins and pollutants away and help make you feel better and stronger. Aqua + Skincare Commercial. Your regimen can be as simple as using either Nivea - or Neutrogena - products. I like to use a Vitamin C gel booster on my face during the day to help rid my face of toxins. I like to carry facial wipes with me to quench my face with a drink of water, vitamin C from a fruit or vegetable like avocado. True Botanicals - You can also use a body wash to help invigorate your entire body before or after work. St. Ives Skin Care - "Everyday glow", with bath and spa products by Eco Tools - Even the shampoo you use or toothpaste can make a difference on how the particular scent affects your nervous system and works with your body. I love Tom's - or Dr. Bronner -, Cinnamon flavored toothpaste and the minty flavor or Crest or Colgate. There are a lot of toothpaste commercials proving the importance of your lifestyle on your teeth. Here are some: Shakira Commercial Crest White 3D. Crest Toothpaste Interviews with Women (1960s) - As Classic Video. Tito Puente - Crest Commercial. Shakira - Crest 3D Whitestrips. Colgate Optic White Dual Action Toothpaste Commercial 30 Sec - Colgate. Brook Shields on a 2006 Colgate TV commercial. Vintage Colgate Ad feat. Nora Aunor. 1988 Pat Morita Colgate Commercial. Kelly Ripa: Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash Commercial 30. As for the shampoo, just like the toothpaste, I rotate the different scents and brands I use on depending upon the season and my lifestyle. I might like more of a minty scent in the winter and a citrus or rose in the summer and an herbal scent in the Fall. It all depends upon my mood. The conditioner and shampoo don't need to be the same scent. In fact it makes it easier because I don't have to narrow down my choice to just one selection. Dr. Bronner - When you wake up and at the end of the day it's important not only to wash your hands with a water and soap. When I wake up, I like to wake my face up with a good bar of soap, like oatmeal but follow up with something soothing, like Almond oil - Feed the face with oatmeal using oatmeal soap from either Yardley London -, Sappo Hill -, or Aveeno - Good healthy products like Whole Foods beauty brand 365, Kiss My Face -, Jason -, Sanre Organic Skinfood -, Weleda -, Dr. Hauschka -, skin care and make up, Origins -, Bliss -, Aveda -, Elf makeup - goes on very gently on your face and help release stress, Burt's Bee - or BH cosmetics - using Ellen Tracy Correct & Conquer Face palette can be found on Wave your Magic Wand and say, Bibbidi Bobbidi and Success is accomplished . When you are all done with your work out and session, try one of the exotic teas, coffees from around the world. Including a cappuccino or espresso. Or a hot chocolate. Maybe you might prefer some Bai flavored water - or Perrier water - to lift you up before you leave. Maybe try a little piece of heaven and take a bite out of a Dove chocolate -, Lindt -, Ghirardelli -, Godiva -, Andes Mints - or Hershey Kiss - Take home to your office as a gift a basket from Harry & David - or from Stu Leonard's - They can also be ordered online from Amazon if you changed your mind and want a basket or want more baskets to give away as gifts. Maybe you want a gift for yourself from The Body Shop - I found the perfect location for this Health Spa Clinic. This 44,001 square foot office is at 11400 N Jog Road, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It is worth $13,200,000. We speak to the realtor, John Bills of John C. Bills Properties Inc. and Michael Corbat the CEO of Citigroup - We go to West Palm Beach -, Florida to City Place, to historic Clematis street - We met at the Hilton Resort Hotel - and went to have lunch at a very American place, The Cheesecake Factory - We did so well in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach that we are taking a break and heading down south to Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, until we made it to Miami and the Keys. We take the highway in our Hummer - The rain can't rain on our parade in that car. Rain On Your Parade - Duffy. We talk about doing the same type of holistic healing clinic in Miami, Florida have a possible health restaurant to go with but haven't decided about the spot yet. At least, our ideas are just in time for the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami so we will be learning more about Miami. We decide that a mega sports complex / disco with the health & fitness idea would also be a good idea. We talk to Charles Prince of Citigroup. Michael Corbat the CEO of Citigroup can help us fill him in on the entire plan here. After we have our game plan worked out, we're working on our master plan. It's time to have some fun and take a carefree, no responsibility type of vacation. It's time to pay a visit to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We will also do some business while we are there. We will see how Epcot and Animal Kingdom work. To get a closer look at what's going on over so we can see how well our plan that we proposed to Adena Friedman, President of the Nasdaq and Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan and Chase can work. See if we need to make any adjustments. I get used to flying in a comfortable, luxurious private jet plane so I take that as a means of transportation. For VIP service I take Private fly - For top class, luxury travel I take Charter Jet One - For professional, first class, executive business charters, take Flight on Jet - Become a jetsetter. We stay at the luxury hotel, Disney's Contemporary Resort - A place I had gone as a kid with my parents and siblings with my friends and their family. The hotel is right inside the park. It has a complimentary monorail that runs from the hotel to the Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot Disney theme park. Including Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. This sort of fun is what Nick TV -, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards -, Teen Choice Awards - and Nick jr. -, slim time are about. The good stuff I watched when I used to go surfing. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake - Teen Choice Awards 2000 can be seen on the Ry Nguyen channel of YouTube. Stuff I watched, after graduating from Dr. Seuss's ABC's, 123 with Elmo, Zoe, Big Bird, Julia and friends from PBS Kids - / Sesame street - It's like, comparing JoJo Siwa Gets Slimed while Performing her top hits ☺ - Kids Choice Awards 2018 - Nickelodeon to Christina Aguilera Sexy People's Choice Awards Opening Skit 2014 - Clevver News. The early days to the later ones. My boyfriend and I are having so much fun reliving our youth together at Disney World. It's the happiest place in the world. I love it! We are the happiest couple ever. My boyfriend proposed to me at Disney World. He got my engagement ring I wanted from Harry Winston and also our wedding bands. The ones we had been eyeing. We decided to have a wedding ceremony at the Breakers -, in Palm Beach, Florida. The wedding is on private beach at the hotel. The reception is in the luxurious, Grand ballroom. We spend our honeymoon there in luxury. Watching the Sunset - Dreaming about this type of lifestyle - for the rest of my life. With a wonderful home office - as comfy and luxurious as the suite we are in. With sheets from Charisma - as seen with Ambassador Jason Lewis. One could easily get used to it. "What's old is forever new." It's also a business affair. Where potential financiers have been invited to attend. I am marrying my best friend and my business partner. I'm so happy. I love the udea! If all goes well, and I fall in love with him I could marry him in a church. If love is meant to be then we will be married in my church someday in Southport, CT. Or maybe we will do something very creative and different and have a wedding at the Vatican -, in Rome, Italy. Just the thought of it sounds so beautiful. The End. The End doesn't necessarily mean it's the end. It's just an ending like there are beginnings to choose from to choose from to write your story or rewrite it. It doesn't have to be the Last Supper. Just another supper that we call the last supper. For your roadmap, put a mark on the beginning and point toward the end as you do in a Microsoft Project. After years of doing business together, we are still going strong and celebrating our anniversary. Excuse me while I kiss the sky, take some Snapshot and do some snap chatting on SnapChat to remind me of the finer things life has to offer. I Dreamed a Dream - Daisy Chi. Les Miserables, I Dreamed that love would never die. "I Dreamed that God would be forgiving." See, Hear, Speak No Evil. The Westminster Abbey -, a royal church in London offers daily services for all. It has over a thousand years of history. Now we are ready for Hollywood. Since we are rocking and rolling we now want to feel like movie stars. As glamorous as Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra with Louis Armstrong, in the movie High Society. The trailer can be seen on YouTube. We talk to American Express, CEO Stephen Squeri about this idea and tell him about our other ideas we have had up to now. He was one of the people we invited to our wedding. Someone who we were going to talk business to. We talk to him about per serving the charm of Beverly Hills. Now we finally feel like Superstars. What we were born to be. Just in time to soak in the rays and learn more about L.A. because the 2021 Superbowl is coming here. Here are the listings we looked at that will give us a piece of paradise and let us live our dreams in the future. Gonna bring that to our level and world we are living in to make sure our investments stay expensive and futuristic. Notice the zip code, 90210. Watch Fox's BH90210 Trailer - Beverly Hills Reboot - TV Guide Trailer. Our list would not be complete without some equestrian houses. Here they are: 2727 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 11 bd, 17 ba, 32,000 sqft $48,000,000. This 14 acres Benedict Canyon is minutes from Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills Hotel. Has a Moroccan guest house, indoor/outdoor pool, tennis courts, deluxe stables, pristine riding rings and horse nature trails. Listed by Josh and Matthew Atman. Douglas Elliman. 1335 Carla Ln, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 5 bd, 8 ba, 9,200 sqft $21,995,000. Very rustic. Great for meditation and yoga sanctuary. Includes a wellness center, large home theater, 10 car garage, indoor pool and views of the ocean. This super contemporary, very earthy place can be used as a Corporate retreat. Created by architect Paul McClean. Listing agent is Dustin Nicholas of Nicholas Property Group. 909 N Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 6 bd, 10 ba, 13,191 sqft $34,500,000. This beautiful Georgian mansion focuses on wood and marble details. Designed by Richard Manion. It has an amazing wine cellar, theater and bar. Sunroom. Amazing walk in closet the size of a room, pool and pool house. Listed by Linda May. Hilton & Hyland 1500 Gilcrest Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 5 bd, 9 ba, 11,000 sqft $46,750,000. Reminiscence of old Hollywood Art Deco style. Architectural Design by Tim Morrison. Has a mid-century bar, grand views, screening room, gym, formal gardens and pool. Listed by Jade Mills. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Beverly Hills South. 1175 N Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 7 bd, 11 ba, 20,000 sqft $59,995,000. If I were to dream it, this would be my little place in heaven on cloud #9. This place has an amazing views of the city of Angels. has a car museum built to resemble David Bowie's, a Ziggy Stardust galaxy. Includes a billiard room, theater room, bar, 2 kitchens and pools, workout room and lap pool. Architecture by Paul McClean. Listed by Hilton & Hyland. Williams Williams Estates group. 601 Mountain Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 6 bd, 15 ba, 27,470 sqft $75,000,000. This mansion is gorgeous. It has everything including a ballroom. It can host over 1,000 guests. On over 1.6 acres has an indoor and outdoor lap pool to stay fit. Listed by Jeff Hyland. Hilton & Hyland. N Foothill Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - 6 bd, 15 ba, 15,000 sqft $97,500,000. This contemporary house is designed by Richard Meier & Partners Architects. It has an elevator, a 1,148 sf gym, a gorgeous infinity pool, pool house and breathtaking views. Listed by Stephen Shapiro. Westside Estate Agency Inc. 924 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077 - 12 bd, 21 ba, 38,000 sqft $150,000,000. A masterpiece by Bruce Makowsky. Has a wellness spa and state of the art fitness center, swimming pool, Dolby Atmos Theater, 4 lane bowling alley/lounge, auto gallery, 100 curated art installations, champagne/wine cellar, home tech system, spectacular views of the mountains to the oceans to the LA skyline. Listed by Shawn Elliot. Next Seekers. Note: The two things I love to do in my free time or out with friends is bowling and bollards. I grew up, my teenage years with a pool table in my house. Released my steam playing pool and bowling. A positive way to release and let go of my stress. In 9th and 10th grade I bowled at my school and was on the bowling team. I went to school at Cranbrook schools -, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I also played field hockey there and was on the field hockey team. After I got discovered by college scouts and was offered scholarships, I transferred to a public school so I could go back to being a cheerleader, because they didn't have that at the school I went to. 875 Nimes Rd, Los Angeles, CA 9077 - 11 bd, 18 ba, -- sqft $195,000,000. This unbelievable estate, has 10.39 acres in the heart of Bel Air. This limestone French Neoclassical style was designed by Summer Spaulding in 1930. It has a pool and pool house, tennis court, car gallery for 40 vehicles, a 12,000 bottle wine cellar, beautiful grounds. Listed by Joyce Rey. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Beverly Hills South. Now that I have my investments all worked out, it's time to focus my attention on the quality of life. As a good country girl should. Life should be about continually improving the quality of life. MThis time I have vineyards and wineries on my mind. I hear that because of global warming the earth is changing and could affect some good wine grapes. Farming techniques have to change. Note: In Greece, an agricultural country, focuses not only on wine, but Grape leaves. One Summer, I took farming classes at UConn Ratcliffe College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources -, in Storrs, CT and the program of Health & Life Sciences at Eastern University -, in Willimantic, CT. But this is much more elaborate than what I learned then. A challenge in which I will learn so more. Climate, Grapes, and Wine - Gregory Jones, Ph. D. - TEDxRoseburg. Global wine map changes as climate change hits - AP Archive. Winery is all about weather and chemistry. Napa Wineries Face Global Warming video can be seen on the KQED QUEST channel of YouTube. I want to see what me and my team can do to help prevent negative results. What Wine Can Teach Us About Climate Change, VICE on HBO. The Wine Regions of Bordeaux - Viking River Cruises. Global Warming's Impact on Premium Wines - Stanford University. Visit Wales - Welsh Vineyards - Visit Wales. Vineyards in BC's Okanagan Valley - Destination British Columbia. Duckhorn Vineyards in Napa Valley. Erath - A Year in the Oregon Vineyard - ErathWinery. Vineyards with a 70-degree gradient - the Mosel region - Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI), German Wine Institute with wine cuisinier Kilian Franzen. I go off to Napa Valley to take a look at vineyards. I feel I'm about to enter a scene from a Falcon Crest movie with Lorenzo Lamas. Showmatch 2010 - Lorenzo Lamas motorizado - El Trece. Shanik Berman entrevista a Lorenzo Lamas. Lorenzo Lamas at Falcon Crest reunion (Pale Center). Lorenzo Lamas sings the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium. My first stop is, 3235 Soda Canyon Rd, Napa, CA 94558. This Vineyard estate has 60 acres in the Atlas Peak AVA Napa Valley, with 14 acres of hillside Cabernet Sauvignon. The house has amazing views, swimming pool, billiard room, 4 bd, 6 ba, 5,103 sqft. Is listed at $11,995,000. Listing agent Jeff Sickler. Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley. 1050 Olive Hill Ln, Napa, CA 84558 Belle Vue Vineyard Estate in Coombsville AVA has lovely views of 5.14 acres. Has 3.5 acres of Cabernet. 1,000 Bottle-cave, pool, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven and vegetable garden. 4 bd, 8 ba, 6,296 sqft. Listed at $7,900,000. Listing agent Jocelyne Monello. Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty. 5252 Big Ranch Rd, Napa, CA 94558 has 5.04 acres of vineyards. This green estate has lovely views, a wine cellar, vintage barn, 5 bd, 4 ba, 4,122 sqft. It is listed at $ 7,400,000. 1100 McCormick Lane, Napa, CA 94558 has 15 acres, lovely views, winery, 6 bd, 5 ba, 5,307 sq FT. Listed at $5,795,000. Listing agent Steve Gregory. Coldwell Banker. While we were in Napa Valley we headed to Carmel Valley in our convertible Jaguar - Found this amazing farm that was built in 1923. The Egg Farm has been remodeled. It is a modern farmers place has 8.59 acres with solar panels and a permitted irrigation well. 200+ fruit, trees of peaches, apples, pears, avocados. The olive trees produce artisanal olive oil. There are also horse, sheep and chicken. The house has 6 bd, 5 ba, 3,432 sqft. Listed at $4,150,000. Listing agent Dana Bambace of Compass. She also has listing, 2 Wild Turkey Run, Carmel, CA 93923. The Hacienda, an equestrian facility has amazing horse riding trails. The 365-acre Tom Fazio designed golf course is on a preserve. The house is minutes from the Pacific Ocean. It has 3 bd, 4ba, 4,070 sq FT. Listed at $4,200,000. Next, I went to relax and do some spiritual thinking while I work on my diet and exercise routine. Making sure I don't forget to spend time on my health. Both my inner and outer self. Took a look at some state of the art new constructions. These are them: This coastal living home is an amazing experience. Has 4 bd, 5 ba, 4,906 sqft. 218 Alta Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 90402. Listed at $7,500,000. Listing agent Tim Mullin. Compass. State of the art, solar powered new construction with skylights by architect Ken Ungar. 734 18th St, Santa Monica, CA 90402. Has 5 bd, 6 ba, 5,200 sqft. Is listed at $6,695,000. Listed by John Hathorn. Compass. This fabulous place is right on the beach. Amazing views. 3 bd, 4 ba, 2,210 sqft. Listed at $4,150,000. 270 Palisades Beach Rd, Unit 203, Santa Monica, CA 90402. Listed agency David Solomon. The Agency. New construction home With open space concept in Santa Monica's beach area has a pool with private landscape. 2028 5th St, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Has 4 bd, 6 ba, 4,100 sqft. Is listed at $3,575,000. Listing agent Stacey Valnes. Valnes Bell Realtors. It's all so beautiful and nice in Santa Monica. I love the vibe. Cosmopolitan in every way. Hip to the art scene. Falling in love as I breadth in the picturesque landscape and exhale the intoxication of the Sea breeze. Feeling organic and creative in my 100% pink rose cotton tank top by Lou Grey - and my 1o0% cotton ballet pink True Love New York City Angels gym pants from the NY fashion show. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 - Trailer. Torn between going back home to home sweet home and leaving the Love I have fallen in love with or staying just a little while longer and fulfilling my hearts cravings. True Love. Scared that I might be found out and my secret no longer kept hidden from the rest. Including my lover, the youth and innocence inside of me. Well, that though was the purpose of my trip. To get enlightened and tap into my inner self. It must of been the wine at Napa Valley and the stop at Carmel that made be so carefree and happy to want to live. I take some time to draw some pictures. I start sketching designs of fashionable dresses and pant outfits that I would want to wear. The designs were an extension of my jewelry designs. I grew up watching my grandmother sketch and make the ballet costumes my Mom and Aunt wore on stage. They also made my clothes when I was young. From clothing patterns from Sears - We would go to the store and I pick out the pattern and fabric and they'd make me my outfit. Art runs in the family. My grandmother is related to Salvador Dali. My grandfather is related to Picasso and my father is related to Chagall and Itzhack Perlman. Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot, Itzhak Perlman - Kol Nidrei. The Meaning of Kol Nidrei - AishVideo. Kol Nidre sung by Perry Como. My Jewish family is Lubavitch - I was taught that my good deeds would amount to money in a credit card from heaven, Anyways, that's how the family stories go. - So I've heard. I think I'm just back in time in Westport, CT to hang out at my house by the beach before Winter approaches. It's been a very busy year. Not yet ready to say good-bye to it yet. Why Westport, CT. Not only is it a short ride into New York City, but because I'm a history buff and I love all the history there. With the Minute man greeting you as you head over to Compo Beach and then you can see the Cannons that were left there. Contemplating what we are going to do on our wedding anniversary. Your love is like a Cannonball, with a bittersweet ending. I'll wear Red. Maybe something from Elie Saab - Haute Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 - FF Channel. Era Istrefi Rectum feat Felix Snow. Red the color for the Devil. I'll be the Devil, if you'll be the anti-Christ. Maybe I'll design the dress. Designando Ropa - Putting on the Final Touches - I'm so into wearing Red - I feel so Latina, even though I've never been to Spain (Three Dog Night). Ha Ha. I really have. In fact my roots even go back there. From Ireland we went to Scotland then to Spain. Ole. We went to sell our homemade brand of Scotch. Everyone there was so impressed by our red hair that we decided to tell them if you drink our scotch you to can have red hair. And that's just what ended up happening and we are proud of it. The brand of Scotch is Glenmorangie - and DeWars - Have you ever tried it? What do you think? Like it? "This is not a one night stand." Curtain Call - Cruisin - Smokey Robinson.. I feel like It's time for my honey and me to celebrate an anniversary in style in a mansion on Beachside Avenue in Westport, CT. Designed by Architect, Ferguson & Shamamian. Never have to leave the office. This house has a 2 acres, a spectacular view of Long Island Sound, a gym, a movie theater, 7 bd, 10 ba, 11 458 sqft. Listed at 20,000,000 by listing broker, Todd Ribbons of William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty. It would be a great place for me to take photographs of my jewelry designs that are on my website: More about my business ventures in my bohemian gown - and my romantic life to be continued. . . An entirely new Bohemian inspiration is coming my way. Natural, earthy, fresh, and organic are key words for this style that goes with my new lifestyle. But most of all filled with Happiness - Having a good time and enjoying my life. Pasandola Bien - REMEMBERING ------------------------ I made my Celtic, Magic, Money understanding the value of the dollar. Important to note is how it can fluctuate based upon the social circumstances and political economic situation. It's not always a Birthday party, Holiday celebration or pizza party. Depending upon the situation and circumstances of your country determines the value of a dollar. It fluctuates based on the currency exchange rate and the state of the economy. The result of these estimates determine how much more or less money for your dollar you will have. The currency swings can sure put things into perspective. Money - Pink Floyd. Growing up in Argentina, I experienced how hyperinflation can make it so that one day your money is worth something and the next day it loses its value. It was a game with monopoly money. Where an Argentine peso could equal a thousand dollars or 10 dollars would be 10,000 pesos. The plan was, buy what you need now, while the value of your money is up. To hold onto the value of your money, another idea was if you can exchange it for another currency that is more stable. Hold on to it there until you can trade it for another one and make some money. At that time the Argentine peso money had the conquistador San Martin on it. Life. How important it is to understand that you can't put a price tag on the finer things that life has to offer. Era Istrefi - Bombon. I was able to work my magic and understand the building blocks of Life. How money works in respect to inflation, recession and depreciation in terms of a number value. Then taking that number value and categorizing it as to whether it is a constant or stays abstract. Based upon my research upon different derivatives and samples as statistics tells you to do. What are the possibilities or odds that something will work in your favor or in a different situation. Is it a strong enough experience to make that a winning type of situation. These are the questions you ask yourself when you compete with yourself to get the best possible outcome. The one that is gonna get you that positive outcome with reaffirmation. After taking your tests, tells you that you are the best at what you can do and that you're number 1. After one class of statistics, I found out that that's what my life was about. Collecting and sorting data and analyzing what is useful to me in my life. From my research I found out that each one of us is the best at what we do best. Maybe we can't always brag about it to others, but at least some of the times. There are many schools that teach statistics. Including Baruch College, Fordham University, Columbia University and New York University in NY. In Connecticut there is, Uconn, Eastern, Quinnipiac University, Secret Heart, the University of Bridgeport and so on. The list goes on. Personally, I graduated a semester early from high school, and went to an Oakland Community College - in West Bloomfield, Michigan. There I also took a Logic course, Basic programming class along with a Statistic class. In my logic class, I was the only girl. I sat next to the sons of CEOs and VPs of the automotive industry in corporate America. Karlie Kloss on How Code Empowered Her - SXSW. Karlie Kloss Surprises Young Coders with a Trip to Ford - Omaze. 73 Questions with Karlie Kloss ft. Casey Neistant & Ashley Graham - Vogue. I also took an Art history class to learn more about history from a different perspective. Later on I continued my studies in history by taking a World Religion class at Albion College, in Albion, Michigan. But, my favorite class was, Criminal Law. I went there with my classmates from high school from Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham and Gross Point. That way I won't feel alone. I was surrounded by people I knew. At a small private campus, I was living the sorority and fraternity life wearing my Lilly Pulitzer - clothes or Vineyard Vines - "Education is the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." Statistics is about creating samples and figuring out if and what can become of those options and choices. As I learned how to do this on the farm while attending to the plants and riding equestrian style and jump. Watching polo fascinated me because there was so much adrenaline going on there. It changed my entire perspective on life. The outcomes and choices are based on timing and how the weather can affect the timing we choose. The right timing is everything. Working ones magic together with that perfect breeze is an art. The craft comes from the adrenaline seen on the polo field with the horses and polo players riding them. Before I do a search on social media about the art of polo, I first have to decide whether the skill is an art or a craft? Do I want to focus on whether adrenaline is about timing and/or weather. After I've categorized and labeled the things in my sample that I am working with, and given them names as done with hashtags, I can enter the information in the search field. As the information in the search field is processed a formula is created that will give an answer. The formula is inputted into the social media site. The search it does, creates an answer to the formula and is inputted into the computer's brain. Can this formula with stand the test of time based on the factors entered? You can read the comments and see the related posts that go with that input. Whether it's only valuable for the present moment or has significant value in creating the future is significant to note. Those factors can change many variables. Creating or eliminating risks. Risk Metrics tells you to preserve your risks and save them so you don't have any. Pick the choices that will give you the best outcome and save the one that have risk factors in for another day after you have had time to analyze them and taken the risk out of them. This time, risk gives you the chance to reassess your situation and factor into account where you are in respects to the whole picture not just in an isolated instance. Then you finally know that various factors have to be taken into account to be able to create a formula that will make a product work in a volatile situation. In fact, you might also be aware of what those factors are, if you've done your work carefully you can learn a lot about life and begin to apply it. With this information you can start to see and get a feel for how the market is going to look and behave with your assets and commodities. We also need to know some other information, such as where we have been, where we are going to now where we are at. Once we know that, then we need to know where are heart and soul is at. Where our passions lye. That's what we already know we don't need to research that. We need to do our job analyzing what we want to do. Do we want to put our Money in the future, present or past. Do we want to do a little of both and invest in the stock market and commodities or just bonds can do the trick for us. Putting our house in order so we can have our money working for us so it can have a heart and soul of its own. Whether we were rich or poor doesn't matter because it is the quality of my life that was gonna determine your upbringing. Like most families who want the best for their kids money can't put a price on their happiness. As parents and grandparents do, they pray and promise for their kids and grandkids a good wholesome upbringing. Sheltering them from a materialistic world and getting for them the finer things a more spiritual world can hold for them. On the top of the list, is usually, an exposure to sports, a good education, pleasant leisure time to build hobbies, plus the basics like shelter and food. Sunkist by the sun over a Fanta - drink as my vitamin C. Planning for the future is always on our mind. I remember going on picnics with my boyfriend from school. Already comfortable with him, because he was a family friend. I had been over to his house and his mine. There we would talk about how special we are to be from a place that offered so many choices and opportunities in life. Each time we met, we would share something new that made us proud to be from where we were from. We learned more about ourselves and our world by modeling in fashion shows and print ads for my family store in Buenos Aires, Argentina than any school or book could have taught us. How we promised each other that we would be a product of the best things that our life had to offer from where we come from. We would not only share that between us, but we would wear it on us and the rest of the world could see it in the way we acted and carried ourselves. Lo Hare Por Ti - Paulina Rubio (this video is on YouTube). "El Amor es una gran lesson" - Love is a gand lesson. He was gonna be an investment banker and invest in our beautiful world / Bonita Vida - I was going to go to Corporate America and learn more about the World. Instead our passion for the World brought us closer to our home instead of further. As we rendouvouved in places that resembled old french architecture and style of the early 1900s that we were accustomed to. He decided to be a polo player. Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras at Ralph Lauren Commercial - BlackWatchPoloTeam. I decided to follow my passion and love for nature and horses. One with the universe. Timeless & Classic. J.McLaughlin: Our Story. Enjoying Life. Leading us both around the world meeting new people and places. Many times making our home office the beach. Sending messages in the bottle to each other of the things we found and experienced that reminded us of home. With every love letter I fell deeper in love with his words. I ran to the bathroom to put on my red lipstick and prayed for him. Then with the red lipstick I wrote him back. RedLips*RedDress - - Hello there. Hello Again - Tommy Lee. RSVP. In response to you, me like a Viking goddess, doing my good deeds and making our world so pleasant. Gentle and Delicate. Delicate, like the soft sand that flows through your fingertips. As gentle and peaceful as the calm waters around you as you step into them. I felt so strong and empowered by your love and support. With your permission, I traded my cards that were dealt to me and went on to change the ending by creating a new set of cards. I got so bored with anything that didn't have to do with peace, love and happiness. Rebellious at times in search of peace, I sometimes came off as dangerous like a wild tiger caught in your storm. Like a hurricane or volcano. With a ray of lightning that comes and goes faster than the speed of sound. Creating a perfect storm, it comes and is goes and is gone as fast as it came. Barely making any damage, just leaving its mark on the world. I am now the owner of your wind and the storm in your story. P.S. i love you, your devoted Princess - Suave y Sutil - Paulina Rubio. What's interesting to note is that everyone's journey is unique onto themselves. Everyone has their unique style and fashion savvy trends that creates who they are. Like a character from a movie screen. With life being the main topic and you the subject. Inspired and creative just by living. Having a crush on life. What a rush. Lush Life - Zara Larsson (seen on YouTube). Waiting for your story to be told and heard. In fact you can get a glimpse of the many stories on social media. Every post and every page tells a story. With Selfies adding to the self portraits and styles. Glitter & Sunshine. Zara Larsson x H&M: The Collection, " Whatever you do, just don't believe what they say, believe in you. . I know it's golden. . just take a little advice from me." Roll the dice to see what kind of chances you get. Roll out the red carpet and claim your award for a performance of a lifetime. Thank you for a job well done. With every facet of your life like a diamond, sparkling and shining bright. All the Time - Zara Larsson. Each and every moment filled with different choices and outcomes. You wear it well as the moments are as vast as the various colors and textures of those in a kaleidoscope as it's turned. Never creating the exact same moment. For the world is constantly changing. The same moment never comes back again. A learning lesson. A place to jot down your notes. Take a photograph / video and post it on social media. Reminding you that you came this way. And oh what a statement you made. You are either a product of something where you came from or from where you are going. As you take cues from a conductor and play the right notes to get closer to the life you were meant to live. Leaving room for changes and improvements. Even a little competition couldn't hurt getting you on track. Wishing for something more superior than what your dreams created for you. Making you stronger with the unexpected things that make it worthwhile. "Bring it all on." Ruin my Life - Zara Larsson. Make me work harder to be the best that I can. I dare you to do the same. Turths. Canto. Baile. Humor. For Like Ever. Vanity. Variety Show - it's so much fun, it's like an arts and crafts fair. Checking out all the creativity, music and fashions. Bienvenido - Laura Pausini. Life sometimes can be like a soap opera. A mystery to us. Alejandro Fernandez - Me Dedique A Perderte. Fuiste tu - Ricardo Arjona feat. Gaby Moreno. Making your grand entrance. Tantita Pena - Alejandro Fernandez. And leaving with all your passions as you exit. Keeping your winning powers to yourself and singing your winning song as you continue living. Canta Corazon - Alejandro Fernandez. Goal. Score. Talent - - Talento. Coming from a long line of polo players, I really enjoyed going to watch the polo players play as they fueled my energy. Showing their talents on the polo field. Like a Gaucho, with just one look, has robbed me of my soul. Enrique Iglesias - So Perdedor ft. Marco Antonio Solis. Learning what life means when it teaches you how to win and not lose. Even when you felt that you have lost. How to know when to hang onto to something and when to let go. "El frio de Mi Cuerpo pregunta por vos." Marco Antonio Solis - So No Te Hubieras ido (live). I enjoyed dressing up and making my Debut! - to such places like the Royal Ascot - I never knew being country could be so royal. Just like Wimbledon. Ralph Lauren - Polo Ralph Lauren - Derek Blasberg's Love Match - Wimbledon. "The highway is long. .Missing home. .Roll with Me.." The Highway - Holly Williams. Steve Gunn - Ark: NPR Music Field Recordings. Everyone is so into the rhythm that goes with horses trotting and being right on the money. Offering a Hermes quality lifestyle - The people all anxious to be into the groove of how expensive horse riding can be. Southern Comfort - Money, Power and notoriety. David Dandy para Marks & Spencer AW 2015 - OhMyGandy!Fandom. High Fashion. Sacri Cuori - Delone - GlitterbeatTV. Are you ready? Una Danza - Sacri Cuori - Green Room #FuoriLuogo1 - FuoriLuogo Festival. Polo season begins with a wave of sponsorship. It creates a type of VIP ambiance that makes going to Polo expensive. BTS: Nacho Figueres for Lifestyle Mirror. Directed by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana - LifestyleMirror. In the States, it starts with the East Coast Open. Nacho Figueras - VF Style - Videofashion. At the Ralph Lauren Mansion store, 867 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021. The Hamptons, the place where many New Yorkers vacation, is of course a big deal - "Been waiting all Winter for the Summer to come." It Don't Matter Now - Sarah Darling. Polo matches begin in Bridgehampton, NY Polo Club - in July. "Did they tell you you should grow up when you wanted to dream." Metric, "Twilight Galaxy" - SPIN (with Jimmy Shaw and Emily Haines). Then at the end of August Bridgehampton Polo Club hosts the East Coast Open at the Bridgehampton Polo Club and Greenwich Polo Club - This event has a lot of history to it. It dates back to 1905. Me Enamore De Ti - Chayanne. USPA Events Tournaments - in the United States, Polo is also popular in Rhode Island, Wellington in Florida, South Carolina and Aspen in Colorado etc. Note: A royal salute to:, Palm Beach Sentebale Polo Cup - In August, it's still Winter in Argentina. The Argentine Open is in the high season of polo in Argentina, every year is in November to December - The Federation of International Polo calendar - has listed important events. The Jockey Club open in Argentina starts the second week of September with El Ultimo Adios - Paulina Rubio para esta ranchera. Sometimes a tango isn't good enough. You need a good ranchera song to do the trick. You don't know how this is gonna be my pleasure. Te ame, lo juro. With the Queen's Cup, her revenge is in May. God bless the Queen. The British Open Cup is in June. Even if you cry to me - don't cry for me Argentina, I still won't feel sorry for you. I can't look back only forward to el destino. Like a good Drama Queen, these are my last words before the Coronation Cup in July. Polo is very big also in other countries. The Dubai Polo Gold Cup - starts in February. It is one of the biggest events of the year. I hear they are playing my song, solo tu, Nena - Miguel Bose feat. Paulina Rubio. The Polo French Open in Chantilly is in September. Read more about polo in the World Polo News - The New Zealand Open Tournament, the Savile Cup is in February. The New Zealand polo association - was funded in 1890. You can also have polo in Australia - at the Sydney Polo Club - Everything is so fantastic. Baila Casanova - Paulina Rubio. Sabes que te Deseo - You know I desire you. Amame. Love Me. The night is magical and sensual. Dance Casanova. Vamos andale. Andamos. Let's ride and play to win. The day time moment is ideal and the night is right for success. Let's sing our victory song. Ole. Note: For more information on polo, you can go to the Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame Facebook page. There is also a Wellington Polo Facebook page, United States Polo Association and more. Also there are a few good books on the topic. Such as; The Evolution of Polo, The Polo Encyclopedia, Polo in the United States, Polo in Britain, Polo in Argentina, all by the great polo player from Argentina, Horace A. Laffaye and published by McFarland press. Other polo books include; As To Polo by William Cameron Forbes, Polo Life by Adam Snow, Polo: Equine Warriors by Bob Tabor, Playmaker Polo by Hugh Dawnay, The complete Guide to Polo by Lauren Dibble and Let's Talk Polo by Sunny Hale. Our days are special and our nights together precious. Abracadabra - Domingo en Buenos Aires - Beat Crazes. Movies, watch it on the big screen. Abracadabra - El Amor Como El Viento, Un Dia Se Va - Joseito989. Read all about it in the newspapers and magazines. Fashion Savvy. Abracadabra 1970 original clip Argentina music beat - Gatosalvaje61. I spent a lot of time growing up in the country. Enjoying my Summers, Holidays and long weekends there. End of Summer - 4 me this marks the End of Summer - BonitaVidaInc. Love can Build a Bridge - Wynonna Judd. Based on from generation to another. I loved the quality of life I could get from the outdoors type of life. It made me a stronger and deeper person. I tended to a farm that had animals on it. I had to work based on nature's plans and work my plans around them. I learned to ride a horse as soon as I was able to. I wore my riding clothes everywhere. I still remember my first Hermes - saddle. When I started to compete in equestrian and jump I dressed in Ralph Lauren clothes. Afterwards, for the parties I wore McLaughlin clothes. I loved being outdoors and breathing the fresh air. A Night in Neverland Polo Ralph Lauren. #RHKIDS. My perfect day. Ralph Lauren - Coffee @ Ralph's with Levi Miller. Rebel living a fantasyland. Ralph Lauren Children's Fall 2015 Fashion Show - Holiday. Make Believe - - Cat's In the Cradle by Harry Chapin. Land of Make Believe and School Days - - Disney Magic Parade. Going Places - I raised my kids with the same quality of lifestyle that I had been brought up in - Having fun and happy. A kind of Spiritual Hi - Creating arts & crafts from old American folk art - With natural and raw materials such as leather, feathers, ribbons and stones from the earth such as turquoise. Frills and all - My journey is not just a visual one but also a musical one. Mucho Amor y Paz - BonitaVidaInc. I love singing. It is a very spiritual thing for me. I grew up singing at church. To be a good singer you have to be able to feel the music in your soul and the words in your heart. Then put the two together as if you are acting out a part that carries those emotions with it. Music is not only to listen to, but to dance to and to work out to. To lift up your spirits and give you faith. Music helps you be a part of your experiences in life. Music has affected the way you feel. Music grew up with you. It is a part of who we are. Braids - Soccer. Music being a universal language, it comes from all around the world. Carlos Santans - Africa Bamba. With special influences from different cultures. You know that saying when something big happens. That it is beyond life itself and the people you experienced it with look at you and say to you; SiYoFueraTuDios - BonitaVidaInc - If I was your God I would receive my Latin Grammy's / Premios - and thank you all for making me the most beautiful of all because I love you all soo very much!! Besitos. You are in my blood - estas en Mi sangre. "Tu Sangre en mi Cuerpo" Angela Aguilar - Pepe Aguilar. Hello Dear Diary. "A long time ago. I can still remember how that music used to make me smile." Don McLean - American Pie. "Te estoy Amando" - I am loving you. Tu - Noelia. As I sip my dry Martini at Rizzuto's Restaurant & Bar in Westport, CT. For you, I'd be there in your roads that lead to me. At the crossroads of the Westport Metro North train station going towards NYC or towards Yale in New Haven and the exit and entry ramp of I-95 going North to Rhode Island all the way to Maine and South to New York City, I'm at the center core of everything. So much is coming and going from this spot. Clavame Tu Amor - Noelia. Share with me your love. Like a romance novel that comes to life, love me forever and never leave. So profound that ours lasts forever like the pharaohs of Egypt and the Goddesses of Greece. Sharing our love and magic powers together. I was just on a study break at the Westport Library My home away from home. Where I'm most likely to be found. As long as I can remember. Sometime, I'm as boring as a dry Martini. Other times, I'm so good, I don't even remember myself any more. I could be anywhere in life in my world, but instead, here I am at the crossroads. Clandestine (Spotify Vertical Video) - Shakira y Malumba on the Shakira Mebarak channel of YouTube. Ssshhh. Donde Estas Corazon - Shakira. Where are you heart of mine? I can at least think of it. Even if I don't know where it is. I looked for you everywhere. On social media, in the newspapers and magazines and the World Religions. I even put a buddha in my kitchen to help enrich the spiritual part of my life. Ojos Asi - Shakira. Got a blue evil eye and Hamsa charm. A Yin Yang symbol of Taoism/Taoism from Chinese religion and philosophy. Seeking spiritual awareness I also studied the 5th eye of Shiva. Even taking note and following the paths of the hawks as they fly over my path in life as spiritual guides. As first believed by the American Indians. Whether it's the fork in the road or not. The Divine Path of Me, As I continue to do some soul searching to find my calling in life. I make it a full time job. I quit my job and find new direction in my life. Because my life started to go in the wrong way and in the opposite direction than I had planned. Originally, I started my mission with so much positive energy working for a better life and a world full of beautiful, positive energy all around when I started my company, Bonita Vida Inc. Now I find myself re-grouping. From February to April, I took my notes about interesting events and facts of my journeys and lessons learned there. The notes seemed to have a mind of it's own. Leading into the direction of some greater cause. Even though I had been on social media before, I finally had the time to enjoy it and use it as a tool. To learn more about the market and add myself to the number of people there and enlist. As always I was not quite sure of my end result. I stood the chance of being deployed to some other foreign territory and end up with a job from Hell. Every single day . . I kept my faith. The good Lord heard it . .I Prayed for you - Matt Stell. And getting deployed with 24 to 48hrs to get ready. But being the adventurous type of person I enjoyed discovering new and uncharted territories. Like a conquistador. Finally, I can walk in his footsteps and feel what it would be like to be him. Note: while I was soul searching I read some interesting books to see how people viewed and wrote about life. Here they are; The Good Luck Charm by New York Times Bestselling Author Helena Hunting and published by Forever Hachette Book Group. What Light Can Do published by HarperCollins, Ecco Books. Essay on art, imagination and the natural world. Written by Robert Hess, winner of the National Book award, the National book critics circle award and Pulitzer Prize. American Pop written by Snowden Wright and published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins publisher. The Math Myth written by Andrew Hacker and published by The New Press. By May I was creating an outline for a potential book project. I contacted Penguin Random House and spoke to them about my project. I really felt that they could do a great job publishing it and if not Harper Collins as a back up, including Simon and Schuster - As I prepared my manuscript it reminded me of the days when I would practice for an audition for the lead role in either a dance or cheerleading performance. Anxiously awaiting to be the Primadonna and get that A++ grade. Affirmation of a job well done. No need for anyone to tell me how to do it or how good I am. Except maybe on nights when I got all dressed up and went out on the town. With just my secrets kept just between me and the camera. A few complements every once in a while along the way was well appreciated. Matching the days of equestrian riding and jumping competition. Always of course only competing with myself. I loved it and soaked it all in as I bathed in glamorous bubbles of the finest around. The focus of my bubbles came from an amazing smelling, organic soup of oatmeal or gardenia that I made with my own hands as I rubbed the soap between my fingers. I can still remember everyone complimenting me on my style, mannerism and skill. Thank goodness, cause you don't know the amount of hours I spent perfecting, perfection. Good thing someone noticed and my mission was not all done in vain and time wasted bought instead I made and bought time and didn't kill time. As I waited my named to be picked for whatever I considered to be the role of a lifetime was not alway the lead role even though it led me there. As I was picked for my congeniality. How easy and natural I made things appear. The fluidity of it. Making it inviting for others to watch and welcoming. Also it led me to be picked to be team captain of the various sports I played and got rushed by the various sororities on college campus life. Even asked to be the President of them. In my declaration, I believe it was that I took forever to get ready to decide on my look and how I was going to present myself in different situations. It gave me a special kind of confidence and made me happy to be me. Smiling at everyone I met, cause I was comfortable to be in my own skin and glad to be me. Fun to be with, I was also happy that my smile could make others feel comfortable. I also tell some good jokes and like to laugh at life and enjoy it instead of take it too serious. I wanted to feel comfortable in what I wore and how I looked so I could focus on just being me and in the moment. Creating a good balance between me and the world. The rest would take care of itself. Sometimes I would get all caught up in the moment and forget who I am and where I at. Be a character in a fantasy fairy tale and be a character with a role to play. Just like Cinderella at the Ball. Creating the perfect fantasy and experiencing another adventure within a made up fairy tale. This time, like all others but different in their own unique way, would be another extension of who I am. This is how I marketed myself. Like in the video, Romee Strijd on Becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel on the Victoria's Secret channel of YouTube. Ready someday to be good enough to be in the White House as the first woman President in the United States. Dreaming about it as I went out on my hot dates to dinner to formal events. I wasn't interested in meeting Mr. Right. My family had come from a long line of people who had travelled a lot to make it to the USA and I was the first to be born here. I wasn't going to give it all away on a one night stand. Even if his name was JFK Jr. President Kennedy's son and I was dreaming about having a romantic evening with him in St. Barts. The Life of JFK Jr. America's Reluctant Prince by Steven M. Gillon, published by Penguin Random House. SI Swimsuit rookie Hailey Clauson dishes about her boxing routine - Sports Illustrated. Sometimes taking the leading role, meant to be the VP would suffice. But that role made me want to be the star of the show. Sometimes I thought I'd be happy just being the leading lady and focusing on conquering the world by how beautiful I looked and worrying only about what I wore like Jackie Kennedy. Taking care of my official business that away. Savoring my grace with my people. In June, I had done enough research to know what I wanted to do. At the same time the Westport Library had finished its enormous renovation and remodeling. A sure site for a glimpse of what the future can hold and be about. I first contacted the editor of Wiley & Sons of my last book project, Adobe Premiere Pro Bible to let him in on the plans. Then I contacted McGraw Hill Education and McGraw Hill Professional, the publisher of my my first bestselling book, Fundamental Photoshop. Great. Everyone is good with this and likes my idea including my contacts at Adobe Inc. If this book is a success, then I stand a chance of being an author of another best selling book, and also get new interest in my previous books. Hoping to be able to update and upgrade them. And my company, would be back in business. This time much more than a mom & pop type stores but as a more international conglomerate and PR / Marketing company. Now, somewhat of an expert in the field of marketing products, I can be an entrepreneur in helping come up with marketing ideas to help sell an image or a look whether it be a person, place or thing. I have my college degree in International Studios with a double major in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Spanish Literature & Grammar. Work experience that goes with it in Europe, Argentina and the United States. I worked at ITT World Headquarters in Belgium, fortune 500 corporations in NYC and in for a family business men's and women's clothing store called "Norway" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The clothes, similar to the style of Ralph Lauren and J.McLaughlin. I created graphs and presentations for corporate America for companies such as DLJ, JP Morgan, UBS, Chase, Citibank, American Express etc Was a team player. At ads agencies such as Grey Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi and Detoille Digital. Worked with creative directors, MIS and management to make sure we were all on the same page and helped be a mediator as if everyone was speaking a different language and I fluent in all them. The interpreter to translate. I worked with Columbia University in NYC with some of their customers onsight who wanted to learn more about digital imaging such as the Time Warner building, including Sports Illustrated for Kids. Where I helped digitize the magazine. Make it go from print to digital. People like Famous Lakers American Basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq Artist and DJ - The General) and Russian figure ice skater, Oskana Beiul up where one of the first to work with the magazine in that ventor. I taught a group of people at MSNBC in New Jersey how to use Adobe Premiere. I made $50 to $150 an hour. Got my meals paid for. I also, had car service to and back from work. Especially when I had to work late. I even got to use it occasionally for personal use. Like to hang out at the hottest clubs Impressed my friends. Especially the foreign ones. I lived in Soho, NY. It was important to live in the city, so that I could easily be reached. I taught a 2 year certificate course in digital imaging and video editing at Pratt Institute at the Puck building when it was in Soho, NY. The list goes on. I also had the pleasure of working for Irving Penn. One of the first, original photographers to work for Vogue Magazine. I worked with a team of people to digitize his photographs so it was easier to find and organize pictures for different exhibits. Learned the value of some good photography lessons there and from my cousin, Annie Leibovitz. Related to my family on my Father's, Mothers side. Part of my Yiddish upbringing. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography, Official Trailer - MasterClass. Artist/Designer and Stylist/Fashionista. I have had an incredible amount of retail experience. Starting from an early age working for the family retail store, Norway in Flores, BsAs, Argentina. A men's and women's department store similar to the style of Barneys, downtown, NY. My Uncle Manolo, my dad's youngest brother was a rock star from a band called Abracadabra. so I had been exposed to music very early on. Including going to the recording studio and playing with the mixing board, computers and instruments. Including the acoustic and electric guitar and the drums. Playing around with my friends in local bands Even playing and being a part of fashion shows held by the family store in Argentina. Que Me Quedes Tu - Shakira. I enjoyed song writing as a form of expression as you do when you are writing poetry. For me, all the things that turned out to be fun were not something I planned. It was like magic, from a Wizarding World "Everyday is a holiday when you are the reason." From the Makers of Happy & Merry H&M presents Katy Perry. Even though I had to work for what I did, it all kind of evolved. Like a butterfly that metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a beautiful monarch butterfly. Shindig - The biggest impact that made the most lasting impression on me, was my time in the country listening to my grandfather's tales and going horseback riding. He was like a wizard, telling amazing tales. Like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. I remember all I wanted to do is be outside with nature and ride my horse. I guess that's only normal. Most and many girls get addicted like that. My addiction got so bad, that my grandfather had to hide my riding boots and pants so I wouldn't quite school and make riding a full time. My addiction never stopped. In fact, I made it my mission to ride as many places around the world as possible. From the Carolinas, to Central America as they say with - Con Virgin tierra - Virgin soil. To Long Island to Arabian horses in the Far East. Of course from Argentina to Texas. Etc. I had to feel what it was like for those people who came before to riding. From the Generals on the trained military horses like that of General San Martin, conquistando so mundo. To the Cowboys and Indians across the prairie lands with their beautiful wild horses. To as many stories as I could find that would enlighten me and make me more in touch with my world. I felt a connection here because San Martin is my grandfather's father and I grew up riding horses. In fact, that's all I wanted to do. My journey is a simple one. For those who came before me paved the way and roads for me to take my journeys on. Including my Uncle, Jethro Tull - Bungle in the Jungle. Related to me from my Grandfather's side. I was raised Irish. With my family name, J. McLauglin. I learned to speak Gaelic and an old Scandinavian languages, like Icelandic before I spoke American English. I enjoyed this culture heritage, including a few others. I marched in Irish parades, including the one in Fairfield, CT. I learned Irish dancing and singing. and was able to be a part of the heritage. Lord of the Dance - From the Route of Kings at Hyde Park London with Michael Flatley. To keep up with this cultural heritage, I listen to, The Thistle & Shamrock: Live from Ireland on the NPR Music radio station. Karine Polwart Trio: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. I'm no inventor. I take what's been given to me. Passed down from generation to generation and make the best of it. I'm just another person grateful and appreciative for what I've got. Thankful as I take every footstep. I can hear your footsteps in the "whispering wind" - Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. And the battles fought for us all. May Peace be among us all. Buying the Stairway to Heaven for those war heroes and peacemakers. Reserving a space for them. While others stand outside the gates of heaven, listening to the bagpipes making sure everyone is accounted for and make the journey back home safely. She Talks to Angels - The Black Crowes. One day, my grandfather told he was going to take me to Houston, Texas for Thanksgiving to spend time with some of his family friends - Green Berie War Hero's. The plan was to see how they lived in hopes of inspiring me. But it was only worse. I told my granddaddy, I was going to go riding before the flight to Texas. To relax for a long 10 + hour flight with him to America. After I had gone riding my grandfather told me he had gotten off the phone with our family friends and that they would have the horse in Texas ready for me to ride. I said to him Great. I'll just stay on my riding riding boots and pants so I'm ready to ride when we land. Not sure whether to believe not necessarily my grandfather, but our family friends. As soon as I got off the flight with him, in my riding clothes our family friends knew that I was talking business about riding and that's what I did. My trip there, only made me want to ride more and go to school or work less. The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing. That's why my grandfather started telling stories about life. They became my History and English lessons and much more. To inspire me to do something with my life. Here I am with my school work and notebooks thinking about the work I need to do in life. Estoy Aqui - Shakira. Grandfather didn't mind me going riding all the time or wanting to be a beach bum and go surfing when it was too hot to go riding. Riding a wave, was a type of adrenaline rush like horseback riding. Adrenaline - You either get on a surfboard, catch a wave and go with the flow and ride it out as you do when you get on a horse. Happy Birthday! Surfer Laura Enever Happy Birthday Response Video & Billabong Giveaway on the Network A channel on YouTube. Stay Positive - Catch a wave down under. Let the good times roll. Just find a path or trail and ride it out. Ciao. Hailey Clauson Brings the Heat in This New Video (Intimates) - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. My addiction to being at the beach and out with nature caught the attention of people. Occasionally, people would come out scouting for new faces and they would discover me out and about. Even at the supermarket shopping with my Mom. Before I knew it I was in front of the camera and doing a test shoot. Rapid Fire Questions Starring Cover Model Hailey Clauson - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. My sassy somewhat cynical and rebellious attitude was as good as gold from the wild west. Hailey Clauson Brings The Summer Heat To Coney Island (Intimates) - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Beauty & Brains make for a good mix. Just the thought of it, sounds like something a long way away from home for a country girl. Hailey Clauson Goes Wild with Water Buffalos in Rumba Island - Sports Illustrated. Focusing on being on the set was so second nature because it meant just embracing the good outdoors and that's what I love to do. It made flirting with nature and in front of the camera fun. I enjoyed getting direction from the camera and hair and make up people because they could see my vision in the way I carried myself and moved. Hailey Clauson Goes Bottomless In Rumba Island (uncovered) - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Gonna have to create a marker if this and pin it in a board called, Opportunities and Good Fortune in Pinterest to keep as motivational material. I was fortunate enough to have a crew of people in my life around me to give me their love and support to do the things that made me happy! My Grandfather included. He just wanted to help me find something that I wanted to do with my life. It it the type of meaning I was after and looking for. Then granddad would say to me, don't you even want to do it to share your life and journey with anyone else or the rest of the world. I couldn't understand why and he couldn't understand. Being a war hero and all and from a long line of generation of them. I would say to him, No - Shakira. As I would reply to him, that I felt that he had done all this. His good deeds of peace for me. I was living my mission. The hope he had to make a difference so we could live in peace. Made me want my to live it the right way. Without the poison of evil in our world. Like in the stories of Snow White and Adam & Eve. The sacrifices that came before me were way too great and painful. To much pain and poison. I took on Ballet so I could feel the energy of those who came before in my every move and footsteps. The way it was meant to be. Deja Vu - Prince Royce, Shakira. Now, I look forward to the future. To be able to enjoy a peaceful life. Where love exists I'm not quite sure. The journey will show me that. My focus was not to have any negative thoughts surround me to touch my virgin hands. Grandfather, to me was like a great messiah. Doing his good deeds with his Lord above by his side. And me of course, his granddaughter, the first to be born in America. Not necessarily raised there. Hadn't made the United States more of a permanent decision, until I was ready to go to college. Even then, it was about enjoying the wonderful American experience there than anything else. After generations of family members being on the boat for generations to get to America, I felt that my job was done with my birth. I left a permanent mark there forever. My grandparents were born in Europe and my parents in Argentina. Here, I stand the test of time and I share with you my journey. In hopes it will be helpful for you to find your mission in life and most of all to help you enrich and share your life with others. Did u write the book of love? Shakira - Chantaje ft. Maluma. In response I hear, ". . Jesus loves u more than u will know. God bless u. Heaven holds a place 4 those who pray. ." Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson. It's been a while. Do you have FAITH in God above? I can still remember what that's about. Ho, ho, ho. While good ole boys drink whisky and debate, do you still believe in Rock - n - roll? American Pie - Madonna. "We started singing . . " Fyi:Been busy being in love with the world. Busy loving U. Let's Live for today (cover) - The Atomics on the H&M channel on YouTube. Falling in and out of love with the latest trends. #HMLovesMusic, #Coachrlla, #TheAtomics. Me myself being the culprit of some of the latest trends. Like a trendsetter. Talking to the spiritual side of life. Pop-up Video: The Guess Who perform 'Laughing', from the Vaults of CBC. Ha, ha, ha. Flashback to old memories that led me on a spiritual journey. Empowering myself with some lucky charms - on the way. Going crazy for some Celtic, Magic, Money. Make a Wish. Get yourself set up with an insurance policy and make the trip a lot easier. The Gecko Visits a Diner - Geico Insurance (seen on YouTube). Add some fun in your life. Cheers. Laughter is the best medicine. Learn some jokes to share along the way. For the road is long. Dios Mio. In the name of the Father, (el Padre) Son (Hijo), Holy Spirit (Espiritu Santo). Loca - Shakira ft. el Cata. Trying to be one with the universe. Working our magic with nature. Wearing my Lucky Jeans Wild West Texas Rodeo & Show t-shirt seen on Lucky Jean's Pinterest site. Like a good a rodeo show. Talking to the show about us - who we are. To get the part of a lifetime. The world is our stage. Walking the earth alongside every heartbeat. Bravo. Knowing every beat and rhythm that's needed to praise the land for being so good to us. Standing ovation. Don't Tell Me to Stop - Madonna. Waiting for the earth to be as one. Following and worshipping the Sun. Ray of Light - Madonna. Marketing is Everything, especially in fashion. Marketing is being in love with an image. Fashion Journal #1 - BonitaVidaInc (on YouTube). As I write in my journal, Everything is Marketing. This is the American Dream. Marketing yourself that's your American duty. Analyzing Success. Products are images waiting for people 2b desperate enough 4 attention that they make a product successful. Looking at a billboard is Love @ 1st site. .Shallow & Superficial. Seeking Attention. Falling in love with a fantasy because of it's image this is the story of the movie Syrup by Magnolia Pictures which can be seen on YouTube. OMG!! Got u on speed dial. S.O.S. - Jonas Brothers to the world. You probably know that feeling you get when your inspired to do something great. Yeah!! Whatever. Skateboarding down the hallways senior day. Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne. Living like rock stars at Senior Prom. This is who we are. This is what Red Carpet dreams are made up of. Staying forever young. Being able to invent and reinvent yourself. Champagne dreams. Le Film - CHANEL N*5. All about romance. Being graceful. Love potion #5. Sets off fireworks. How romantic it would be to be able to be beautiful & glamorous. The stuff money can't buy. Smiling as you think how grateful. Keep smiling. As you dance the night away. "Still haven't found what I'm looking for." U2. Sparks go off and send messages to your brain and your body responds with the words, I'm in on it. Next your soul acknowledges the idea and you finally have something going. It's a euphoric feeling. And the you get some Celtic, Magic, Money. You can't help to stop and wonder whether you've done the journey right. Or if there is a need to make changes for a better life. LOVE * PEACE. Did you make a detour when you were following your dreams and goals on the back roads. Now that you have enriched the quality of your life and gotten yourself some Celtic, Magic, Money you can get back on the road and follow your destiny. The one that makes dreams possible and come true. Just follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald city. As Dorothy did with Toto. Be careful not to take too many detours for you won't be in Kansas anymore. You might find yourself searching for that pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. Just like the Pirates of the Caribbean. Or as either Dora The Explorer did in The Lost City Of Gold movie by Nickelodeon / Paramount Pictures or Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Golden Idol. Otherwise on the other side of the moon, as in Treasure Planet searching for some adventures and treasures. "..If you got it flaunt it . ." Like the Pink Panther and Beyonce - Check On It ft. Bun B, Slim Thug. When an inspirational wave, comes your way, you feel like you are about to discover some hidden treasures. You know it's gonna be great. That's how I felt walking into my favorite stores in New York city. 1,2 Step - Ciara ft. Missy Elliot. "Ladies & Gentlemen's. .We will rock you. .I'm sophisticated fun. . I eat Filet mignon and nice and young but believe I'm #1. ." Full of all sorts of eclectic treasures waiting to be discovered. That represented something so much more than what was the obvious. And inspired in ways one could not imagine without having some kind of imagination. The theme was bohemian life. The pop art generation. About mass media. That began in the 1950s and got famous in the 60s. Bringing the world into a new generation that focused its attention on graphic design of corporate identity through product design (labels & packaging) and corporate identity (logos & letterheads). Key player Swiss designer, Paul Rand with the invention and creation of the IBM logo and UPS, Enron, Morningstar Inc., Westinghouse, ABC and Next computer. To people like Stefan Sagmeister a New York designer who has been instrumental in creating the album covers of The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, OK Go, David Byrne, Aerosmith, Pat Metheny. The Psychedelic poster of Bob Dylan and the I love NY logo created by graphic designer Milton Glaser. With illustrations, designs, infographic and graphics all focusing on the design of typography. Designers, photographer and artist all joining in on the bandwagon with their creations have type as the focal point. Their message began louder and clearer to the rest of the world. Typography was the invention of German inventor Johannes Gutenber in the fifteenth-century. It was about expression of freedom through art in a peaceful way! It was about a new generation of artists who created a movement that inspired creativity. It united the world with their message of creativity. Like we're all back at preschool or grade school giving each other the thumbs up for our creative masterpieces. It was our way of expressing and communicating PEACE. It even united Corporate America to the rest of the world with it's innovations. Happy to embrace the creative movement that was going around. From the messages, music and art of the English band the Beatles that which helped start a revolution. To paintings of Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol that represented what American products looked like through the eyes of pop culture. The craze led to much more. It also opened the doors for feminism. Women weren't just pretty faces to look at, all about sugar and spice. Each one had a unique style like the legend of Marilyn Monroe. Elton John - Candle in the Wind. A Hollywood superstar. They were about being heard and seen as the bosses of some lead bands like Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Diana Ross, Joan Jett, Aretha Franklin and the list goes on. The 60's revolution era opened the doors to social communication. Forever to be remembered as the Woodstock generation - Peace, Love and Music. August 16 - 18, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock - The hippie social movement of the 60s made way for grunge, alternative rock, punk rock and heavy metal. This type if music was a way for blue collar to get up and make a statement and show their blue blood. Grunge festival at the Groove Music Hall - includes hit bands from the 90s such as Nirvana. Nirvana - About A Girl (MTV Unplugged). Even the appearance of sports and sporting events changed. Sports personal became part of the commercial industry helping sell products and shelves them. It was the beginning of the "social media" revolution. Where the world was finally discovering that communicating through creative means was much greater and more prosperous than war. Even religious institutions joined the band wagon. With gospel in the forefront. Starting with the Queen of gospel Aretha Franklin singing, "I say a little prayer for you. The moment I wake up. Before I put on my makeup . .wondering what dress to wear. I say a little prayer. 4ever u stay in my heart . . .Together. . .I will love u 4ever . . At work I just take time and all from my coffee break time. I say a little prayer 4u. 4 ever. . Together. . .Please love me to. . Answer my prayer. . " Leading ways to creating places that represent peace and creativity through music and fashion such as Coachella - in April at Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA and Lollapalooza - in August at Grant Park, IL. and Edinburgh International festival - in August, in Scotland. Spiritual Celtic music became popular. With bands such as Celtic Thunder Heritage - Heartland, Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace, Chieftains and Charlotte Church, National Orchestra of Wales - Imagine and the Choir of Westminster Abbey - Following the gospel and celtic sounds my path led me from Michigan to Europe then back to Michigan and to Boston and then New York city and onward to Connecticut for a bit of New England country and so on. To get my Bohemian Chic fill of colorful rock candy and Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne style fun, it used to take me a lot of time to get my cultural Anime Chi (Chobits) fix. "You're so pretty. .so silly." I would have to plan my outings accordingly. Or get my fix on the Anime channel of Netflix - Arigato. Get my share of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, BAKI, Aggretsuko etc. You can also watch Anime shows and movies on Hulu - Or attend Anime Boston - or Anime NYC - Taking the Amtrak train from Back Bay station Boston to NYC is an easy ride. Right near the Boston train station is the Copley Place mall and square, Fairmont Copley Plaza, the Prudential center Boston Park Plaza and Trinity Church. Boston, including the Vineyards is the place where the Kennedys got their start in politics. JFK Jr. Campaign's for his uncle Ted Kennedy at a Democratic convention. This speech introduces him into politics to the world. Then a law student at NY University. A video clip of the moment can be seen on YouTube. It marks JFK Jr. First Major Speech. Followed by his major breakthrough on the Murphy Brown show as a type of intern. The Cast Of 'Murphy Brown' Remembers JFK Jr.'s Cameo on the PeopleTV channel on YouTube. Showing of his George Magazine. JFK Jr. Promotes George Magazine that talks George Washington and politics on CNBC helping people connect with politics. JFK Jr. The perfect Kennedy - Ken doll. The blue prince with his princess his wife, Carolyn. Why Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's Style Remains Timeless 20 Years by Access Hollywood. People Magazine commemorate John & Carolyn 20 Years of confidence, bold statements and coincidence. Sweet Carolyn - Neil Diamond Live at the Greek Theatre 2012." . . Spring became Summer . .Good times never seemed so good . ." Want 2b Free. . Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me - George Michael, Elton John. Faith - George Michaels. When I lived in NYC, on the Upper East Side, in a studio/loft apartment on Lexington Avenue, just North of Bloomingdales, I would visit the Betsy Johnson boutique - to see her latest fashions. The store used to be on the Upper East Side and in Soho. Now it's on the Upper West Side. The German designers fashion with her baby doll look like candy. I mostly moved there because I was just a few blocks from the Martha Graham dance studio - Now they have moved downtown. The focus of Martha Graham dance is to focus on the in between moves of one gesture to another. Something like Nia yoga. Nia - 52Moves - Part1 (Nia Brownbelt education in Hamburg 2017). The gradual intervals. It assumes you already know all the classical movements. Beforehand in Boston as I did when I was in Europe, in Belgium I was also in a dance company involved in classical ballet and modern dance. We performed in France outside the Galeries Lafayette - and in Boston danced with people preparing to dance on broadway such as "Cats". Not too far from Berklee College of Music - While on the Upper East Side of NY, on my days off I would go work out at east 61st street - Equinox Getting tips on working my abs from Fabio Lanzoni, the famous American - Italian actor and romance novel cover model. Best Workout Music 2019 Gym Motivation Music #4 - Workout Music on YouTube. Sometimes I'd try my luck out rock climbing followed by some time on the sundeck to see if I could get a Saint Tropez tan. Angie Saint Tropez Beach 100% Live - Angie Violinist. Afterwards, if I didn't go for a healthy meal of miso soup, salad and sushi, I'd go to a favorite, American Restaurant Serendipity 3 on 60th Street, NYC. A really cool place to have an ice cream, milk shake, float resembling the style of the nostalgic 1950's era. Eventually I would make my way to Washington Square Park. Hang out there for a few and have my Glaceau Vitamin Water Zero - Next, to the Anna Sui shop in downtown Soho, 484 Broome Street, New York. As you enter the store, there are some groovy posters in the style of the 1960s. Found on her website, Also on the website is some really cool beauty products packaged in the form of a magic potion. Including fragrances such as Fantasia Mermaid, Lucky Wish, Flight of Fancy Spirit, La Vie De Boheme. The Japanese designer always comes up with some very hip fashions. Darling you look Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton on Warner Records. My shopping trip would not be complete without stopping short of a trip to a sports bar to see either a good Yankees or Mets game, LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox or Chicago Cubs or other. That would make me feel happy to be an American. David and Lindsay's - Freestyle Dancing with the Stars. As it smelled in the air of it. As they come around selling good wholesome America; popcorn, peanuts, hotdogs, "at the ole ball game." Now, I can go on the internet and it's all there. Nostalgic memories of yesterday, new beginnings for today and glimpses of what the future is about to bring. The social media sites let's me be apart of all the things I'm passionate about. If I want I can filter out the noise and see and read only what I want to. See No Evil * Hear No Evil. Maximizing my time wisely. Perfecting the way I think and view the world. Making sure I'm living in a beautiful world. A Bonita Vida Trying to do my share of good deeds. This book is an inside look into the social media life of, collegiate, fortune 500, fashion, the glamourous world of sports and entertainment, travel, cooking and more. I'm falling in love with this moment. Meral Fragrance - Led by Desire. A Triglass Productions. Trying to send my message to the rest of the world. Message in a Bottle by Sting (found on YouTube). It doesn't seem Like it's going to be an easy task. I need some Celtic, Magic, Money to make it happen. I'm miles apart. I'm about as far south as you can get before you reach the Antarctic. But I'm in a tropical location. Where you can see rainbows and the coconut trees. I'm in Argentina. From the big city of Buenos Aires you can go about anywhere. From city night life so European and romantic like France. To tropical beaches so beautiful, found in your dreams. To Andean alps to glaciers and amazing fishing. With the ports of BsAs the place of origin of the tango. I'm downunder on most of the rest of the world. With the exception to Australia and South Africa who are also down under. Which means they are on the other side of the equator. Truth or Dare. When it's Winter in Argentina, it's Summer in America. Roll the dice and see if you can feel like you are in both places at the same time and get snake eyes. That's what it feels like when it's Spring in America and it's Indian Summer in Argentina. Como México y Puerto Rico. In the Garden of Eden with a rainbow of butterflies and a pastel color rainbow. In 3d, working for Double or Nothing or All or Nothing. . ."What a hand full. ." ME! - Taylor Swift feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco video. With unicorns there and flying like Mary Poppins. Making our money there on the way to the Emerald city following a road of pastel colors. ". .You'll never find another like me . . You're the only one of you . . That's the fun. ." Live from the Billboard Music Awards. ". .Vegas is fun . ." These videos can be see on the Taylor Swift channel on YouTube. The timing of an event is important and even more important on social media. Seasons also play a factor in deciding how important a message is to us. Corporations have their cyclical cycles. Whether the cycle begins or ends will depend on the type of information they will be streaming online. They have quarterly or annual events in their cycles. If you're a soccer fan you will be interested in the semifinals and final playoffs plus time of the events. The type of impressions it makes will depend upon the message. That also depends upon the time a post is put on the internet. How and when it is put creates a type of impression. How it's received by others can depend upon the time of day or calendar year. The calendar is full different holidays around the world. Holidays can impact the message. Is it supposed to be like a greeting card from "Hallmark". Or a press release. How inviting and enticing the subject matter will reveal how successful it will be. RBD - Salvame - Tour del Adios. Like good Icelandic fun. All the way on the other side of the world by the North Pole. Saying Hello to Santa & Mrs. Clause. Fairies and Elves. Anahi - I believe in Fairies! Thank you Peter Pan and Wendy. Tinker bell, Angels with wings and dreams. . . May God bless us all! The world is full of different time zones and weather channels until the sun comes out. Anahi - Rumba ft. Wisin. Put your hands up and wave your flag. . Let us know whether you are Latino. There are lots of Nationalities there. Rumba. Don't stop. Fiesta. EURO2020 #LiveItForReal. The road to UEFA EURO 2020 60th anniversary. Check out all the news about it on social Media. Fifa Football World Cup 2022. There is just a little bit of time difference between Argentina and New York. Just about the same difference between Chicago and New York City. Message in the Bottle, novel by Nicolas Sparks with actor Kevin Costner and Paul Newman with actress Robin Wright Penn a Warner Brothers movie trailer can be seen on YouTube. Before I sail off and navigate the world in the form of some royal luxury cruise liner, like Norwegian Cruises I need to take care of some important business. Norwegian Wood by the Beatles. My first "royal duty" is to figure out how I'm going to present myself. Like a stylist or fashionista, once I decide on the style that I want for myself I can see how I want my world around me to interact with to me. Impressions After the Cruise 2018/19 Show - CHANEL. I can focus on how my self image and manners are going to affect my digital office. The one I'm going to use to represent my mission in life. Coming closer to reaching my goals through connecting with the rest of the universe. Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones. To do that I'm going to create a space on the internet that I can claim as my own home office place.



Celtic Magic Money ---------------------- About the Author ------------------------- Adele Lorraine Droblas -, was born in Brooklyn, NY. Her parents were born in Argentina and her grandparents in Europe. She was raised in Argentina, Europe and various parts of the United States. On the go - going from airport to another. Going to the big city for work, and raised mostly in the country because that's the type of lifestyle her family comes from in Argentina and even in Europe. Growing up living on a ranch and farm was educational. Rancho en Las Pampas - Amen & Feliz Navida - Jose Feliciano. You know that's the kind of thing you hear all year long. Giving and being grateful. Tis the Season - BonitaVidaInc. All season long. The Holidays - are so wonderful because they are full of celebration and spirituality. Precious Moments - Those are the kinds of hymns you hear people talking about. Especially on that special night of Christmas Eve that we gather together to spend it at Church - With Jose Feliciano and his family we gather round singing and praying, on that holy night at Assumption Church in Westport, CT. Along with all the other souls who want to give thanks for everything that they have been blessed with all year long, as they sing Little Drummer Boy. Listening to sermons by Bishop Jake take us higher with his motivational quotes - about success - (Success Magazine). To life - Life is what our thoughts make it by Marcus Aurelius. Dream big. Come to America and dream even bigger dreams. God has given us our memories that we might have roses in December by J.M. Barrie. Proud to be an American - Adele Lorraine Bryla, Abellan, Sciorra has traveled to various places around the world. Ready for the next great moment. Picking her clothes wisey. Capable of going almost anywhere. Can dress this outfit up or down. All comfy in combat boots and Ann Taylor Clothes. - First she travelled the world with her grandfather. Gracias - Thank you Grandfather. Then later on in life on her own or accompanied by a friend. As a youngster, she didn't speak much English. She first learned Gaelic, and then an Icelandic dialect, followed by Argentine Spanish. Eventually she learned some British English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. Since her Grandfather had gone to the United States many times on business as an accountant, he taught the first American English that she had learned. She was home schooled by her grandfather. Instead of reading about it in the history books, they went right to the source. That's what they did to learn more about life. Adele's grandfather, he's a war hero, so he himself had done a lot of travelling, and had a lot of stories to tell his inquisitive granddaughter. When she was home schooled, not only did she learn about history, languages, religion, art and music by travelling but also about math. He shared with her his accounting skills to better educate her about math and finances. But most of all, she learned about life through the stories that went with winning his medals and ribbons and those of other war hero's before him and with him. That's what interested her the most. Since she wanted also to be a hero. Her grandfather, Irish, Scottish, English, Spanish and Protestant like his father and so on were all war hero's. I could shut up and remain silent, but that seems that it would be criminal not to share during show & tell. Just like a war hero, got to tell you all bought my life's journey. "Feeling like a teenage crush. ." What you do to me is criminal. . I got the right to be silence but there ain't no way I can . Don't try to save me. ." Come do the time with me. "Criminal" A Stunning, One-Woman Jam! - Taste of Country can be seen on YouTube. Adele Lorraine, didn't want to leave her grandfather's side until she learned everything there has to know about what it meant to live a life with a medal of honor. Especially since her grandfather's father was a Blue Barrier and his father a Yellow berrier. Blue and yellow make green like grandfather and his grandfather is a White Berrier. What am I gonna be grandfather? I'm gonna be a what?! Maybe a national hero or a superstar. Met somebody on my grandpa's farm and now I'm, Trippin' On Us - by Lindsay Ell. Strawberry Wine (Forever Country Cover Series) - Lindsay Ell. How am I gonna do it?! You can't, Shut Me Up (acoustic Version) by Lindsay Ell. Basically when it all comes down to it, being a war hero it's about respect and being polite even during adversaries. Making music and listening to the music. Especially, while waiting for the Universe to speak back to you, listen to the words of the Earth, World, God or your higher self talk back to you and give you the answers to your questions about life. You can't rush love. Can't Be Loved (Live on eTown). Love being the power that helps makes us all a greater person. I Can't Make You Love Me sung by Bon Iver can be heard on YouTube. Having patience is important, instead of creating patients. While searching for your pot of gold don't lose sight of who you are so you can make a platinum hit record. Taylor Swift says she'll re-record her old albums Live on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts, seen on YouTube. It's so cool to be a star like that. That's how she was going to be educated and give back to the community and create her own Celtic, Magic, Money. When it's Winter in America, I'm (ME) is loving you in Summer time, way down South in Argentina - somewhere on the other side of the equator us were you will find ME. Taylor Swift performs 'ME' live on 'GMA'. Working real hard to be ME. Making sure there is only one of ME. "I promise you'll never find another one like me. I'm the only one of ME. .You're the only one of you. .That's the fun of you. ." Hope you missed me while I was gone. Ain't No Sunshine - Shawn James; Bill Withers Cover. Just going through the flow. Flow - Shawn James - Overheard. I am my (grand) Father's Daughter - Jewel ft. Dolly Parton. Adele's grandmother, also named Adele is Italian and French and Roman Catholic. The Catholic Church in Argentina and Italy are a bit different. Growing up in Argentina you learn to be proud of the differences rather than the similarities. Grandma, shared her time with between her two daughters. That included time with Adele's younger brother and sister and her parents helping them transition from Argentina to America. In addition to her two cousins, the sons of her mother's sister in Argentina. Occasionally, Adele found time to spend with her siblings and cousins, in Argentina and America. Her father being the middle son of five boys and her mother the oldest of a younger sister. They all also have cousins, mostly in Argentina and Europe. Gaining quality time with her father's parents was important. They are both Polish, Hiddish, Russian and Jewish but from different stories. Made for a very interesting cultural experience. Her cousin's from her mother's side all had grandparents from Europe. Some from the heart and others not some much, including Armenia. The Armenian family are very good friends with the rockstar, Tommy Lee's Greek family parents and grandfather. I spent a lot of time drinking Greek and Turkish coffee trying to find out more about my fortune. The one not yet discovered. The one I'm, Waiting On You - Lindsay Ell. Talking to it, my fortune, letting it know I'm right here. "What's not to like about this new love thing. . Midnight kisses and dancing in the rain. .. I got to know where you stand. .I'm like a July sky. .right here. . don't keep me waiting on you." Even though, Adele's grandparents all came from Europe, they all had their own separate identities and stories to tell. Adele traveled the world somewhat as an army brat. She travelled throughout America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Visiting historic sites and meeting interesting people, war heroes and kids like her from war heroes. Learning what she thought to be the "real" world. How love is eternal. That being the whole point of it. Forever and ever. Love is Eternal - 1 Corinthians 13.1 - 13, It was to say the least, a very interesting and special journey. The travels and adventures were inspiring and educational. With all this wealth of information, it's appropriate to want to host your own talk show - Adele Lorraine - is the Author of various best selling books. Including Fundamental Photoshop and The Complete Photoshop Reference published by McGraw Hill, Adobe Premiere Pro Bible published by Wiley and Sons. Also Digital Images A Practical Guide published by McGraw Hill, Digital Images, Illustrator for Dummies For the Mac published by IDG books, Painter Studio Secrets published by IDG books and The Ultimate Guide to Painter published by Sybex. Adele Lorraine is also an artist - working with traditional media, watercolor, colored pencils and markers to working as a graphic designer and jewelry designs. She has also worked as a consultant for fortune 500 companies in New York City mostly helping them go digital and also created corporate presentations. She taught two year computer design and animation certificate courses at Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts and The New School. Adele Lorraine has a BA degree from the University of Michigan in International Studies. With a major in both Economics and Political Science and a minor in Spanish Literature & Grammar. Worked doing market research for IDP Renault in Michigan ITT World headquarters in Belgium and as an Import/Export specialist for the Japanese company, Showa Denka. In addition, carried the role of Store Manager at the family men's and women's clothing store, Norway in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Office Manager at the family business in Michigan, a workmans comp medical clinic, Midway Industrial Clinic. Worked also at various retail stores in different departments. Including selling her own line of jewelry -, at Henri Bendel and Saks Fifth Avenue. More information about Adele Lorraine - and her jewelry can be seen on her website: News flash -, Acknowledgements --------------------------- To my friends, family and followers who believe in me and the mission of Peace - Thank you for making my social media journey possible. A million gratitudes. Won't you join in and be a "Dreamer". Imagine John Lennon Cover by Athena Andreadis. I also appreciate all the feedback I got from everyone who I shared my story with including my Editor - Angelique Hanna Greenberg, Technical Editor - Laurence Eli Greenberg. My Simon & Garfunkel team - I've come to look for "America" (from The Concert in Central Park); Proofreader - Seth Greenberg and Copyeditor - Mark Ames. "They've all come to look for America." to the rest of the team. Thank you all. About the book ---------------------- This book reads like a novel. To make this book interactive, there is a PDF format of the book that is available. As you browse through the digital version, you can click on the links to see the color images and clips that are relevant to the story. Once the book becomes a bestseller, an all color coffee table version can be made. The focus is on the images and not the text. Some of the text will be cut out. There will only be highlights of specific things in the book. This book, has a gmail account - It also has an Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube Social Media site. Note: If you have any interesting ways you use social media for work, we want to hear from you. We can showcase your story on the books social media sites, CelticMagicMoney. You can send us an e-mail to, Preface ------------- Celtic, Magic, Money is what we use to encounter our special moments in life as we pursue our spiritual quest. We can either choose to make, spend or save our "money" that are created from those meaningful events. Such as Birthday wishes and Birthday celebrations - or Holiday celebrations and Pizza parties - The magic of the entire moment inspires us to make memories from these special occasions that can create Celtic, Magic, Money that can be used on a later date in life. Life is made up of special moments that inspire us and are sacred. There are pictures and photographs of special moments seen all over social media. That can include images of special items that can sum up the entire experience in one instance. That can include the party favors given out or a picture of the cake or food from the event etc. This book, Celtic, Magic, Money tells you that a tale is much more than just a simple story. It can be quite magical like Harry Potter wizardry. Just as a good book does a good story can be magical and enchanting. Listen to Eddie Redmayne Reads from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Scholastic, seen on the Wizarding World channel of YouTube. #HarryPotter20. A tale, a fairytale is about how inspiration helps make dreams come true. Our inspirations, are like sketches that can be set to the tone or mood to our dreams. This mood is used to create a storyline that will be used to help envision our dreams in the form of a storyboard. Unlike in a game show, what category our inspirations for our dreams come from is not our concern. Know It All with Eddie Redmayne and Lily Collins on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Do you choose your inspirations from categories you are familiar with as in a game show or do you pick from a place to learn? The MILLION Pound Question - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Snoop Doug's CRAZY Fast Money! - Celebrity Family Feud show with Steve Harvey. Game shows are brain cell exercises. See if you can find any inspiration there. Is It just an outlet for your inspirations in life were you just focus on enjoying life instead of making your dreams come true. Where in America Has Jeopardy! Been? - Jeopardy! With Alex Trebek. On CBS with Carey and Rachel, The Price is Right - ACED. Compare the graphics and prizes on the shows of today with the vintage ones. With Bob Barker and Vanna White. The Price is Right - April 22, 1981 on the VintageTelevision channel of YouTube. #HowieMandel. Most Intense Banker Offers - Deal or No Deal on CNBC. Match Game 74. Listen to the Music - Doobie Brothers. Fun and games with, The Gong Show Trailer - Sony Pictures. Whether our dreams or inspirations come from a particular source of energy of a particular topic or category will not won't matter to us if we stay focused and creative. Don't Risk Everything. Just stay focused and try your luck at Wheel of Fortune and see what happens. It's how and what we do with our inspirations that matters. It's Othello. Time to take the deal and stop or go on and make a deal with the Devil? Pause and take a break? Take time to dream about what you would do with your success if your dreams came true. Check or Checkmate? How we think through our dreams and make them realities, determines how we play the game. Time to learn from the game of Backgammon. Those are the kind of things that will decide for us how successful our dreams will be. Is it Checkers? Depending upon how our dreams fit into our world will determine the length of time our dreams will be successful. Bingo. All these factors will eventually affect how our next move will take place. Jackpot. Just as if you are shuffling a deck of cards and you deal yourself some cards. Do you want to play Blackjack or Poker? The cards you have in your hands is what you are concerned about and will determine whether or not you will need to decide to pick a new set of cards or stay with the ones you have. Deal me in or Deal me out. The choices we make and the decisions we choose to work with make a particular type of aura that attracts a type of attention. Solitaire. Who's gonna call my bluff? That's worth noting what category it belongs to because that's what we are going to be working with. Tic Tac Toe. Dreaming let's you imagine how important it is to view things (life) from various different perspectives. Just as you do, when you sit down and start to put in own words a concept that is going to be used to put together a business proposal. It starts with a dream. I have a dream is what Martin Luther King said. Either way, you view it, as a source of inspiration from which to make your Dreams come true. The purpose of dreaming is to be able to know more about what the future has in store for you. You can visualize it and do some creative visualization. This way, you can make better decisions in your present lives. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Knowing more about the future can help you know more about what your lives are about. Are you still with me?! Giving it special meaning and significance. Right?! That's called using your Celtic Magic. Sort of like your intuition at work 9 to 5 as Dolly Parton sings about. Instead of just at night like a night owl. Like a one night stand, con todo tu alma y corazón. Your Celtic, Magic comes from what you feel in your Soul and Heart. Your Money comes from your brain or if you prefer your crown jewels. It's about how your body responds to the blood following through your veins sending messages to your brain that something is going on around you and your world. It's called Adrenalin. "When I put on a show . .I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins. . I'm like a performer. . the dance floor is my stage. ." Britney Spears - Candie's Tour Commercial 2009. Candies at Kohl's commercial can be seen on YouTube. Blast off. We are now off into orbit. I'm already there in the future!! I'm ready for my destiny to me make some Celtic, Magic, Money. After you dreamed a little dream, you might be feeling a bit ambitious and adventurous. Here comes the adventure part of it. Time to spend some Celtic, Magic, Money wisely and put yourself in places you believe the future will be a part of your life. OK. That means, something that is sacred to you. Like buying a new pair of shoes for work. One's that are comfortable and expensive enough that make you happy to be at work all day long so you can be able to do a good job. That's like an advertisement for Timberland - shoes. As you navigate through social media you can have your Celtic Powers working for you. Instagram Power by Jason Miles. To inspire you, and lead you to a more creative types of lifestyles. One that money can't buy for you unless you dream it up first. Because you are working for the finer things in life. Like the icing on the cake. The ones that don't yet exist. The ones you dreaming about to make possible. That's where you are going to get your job and make some money from. That's how a sole proprietor does their homework, when it starts creating their business, company or corporation. After you've done your research and homework, then you can start working in the directions that are going to create the type of lifestyle you've wished for. With that type of inspiration comes your Celtic, Magic, Money. A retro fashion look from the 90s, just as in Candie's Sarah sizzle commercial. It has the look and feel to it as if it was a fashion trend or movement. You could consider the 60s hippie era a trend and movement, because it wasn't just a fashion statement. The 60s hippie era of flower power of peace & love affected the music of that time and included the free speech and anti-war movements that affected the way people wore their clothes and it dictated the way people led their lives. People bought into that whole movement, not just the music, clothes and fashion but because it allowed them to dream about life in a way they wanted to. As seen on YouTube, Bella's Favorite Things: Naptime! - Candie's commercial. More free and more creative. Less rigid and serious. A trend and/or movement is created from work you do that came from an inspiration. Just as if you were creating a ceramic piece of artwork from a piece of clay. Or as you do in a 3D software program that you convert a two-dimensional wire into a three-dimensional object by extending it. For simple 3D objects, I like to use tools of Adobe Dimension, it is now included in the Adobe Illustrator software. We talk about using this 3D technique in our Fundamental Photoshop and Premiere Pro Bible book. The trend you have created doesn't have to be just 2D like a pyramid, it can be 3D like a prism. Thinking 3D: Leonardo da Vinci to the present an exhibition at the Bodleian Library - at Oxford University in England. 3D has a specific look to it and affects our 5 senses in a specific way. Which in turn produces a certain type of emotion in our hearts and sends happy signals your way. Like the video, Candy by Mandy Moore seen on YouTube. A fashion trend can cross to various different categories and topics. It can affect us in the fashion world and all the way over to how we do our school work and play sports. It can even affect the remedies we use for holistic remedies for healing medicine. The key to it all is finding a mood or trend that makes you happy enough to be able to be healthy and want to be. Whereas, a movement has a soul to it and affects our brain through the music of the earth. Speaking words of wisdom, it is like a song with a rhythm that we listen to as we go to work. Sending messages to our brain about happy thoughts. The picture that is created from the visions there, can help us envision where our life is taking us and where else it can lead us. To improve the car driving experience, "University of Cambridge - researchers and Jaguar Land Rover develop immersive 3D head-up display for in-car use." As you stop to relax and meditate, you can see a picture being created from one inspiration to another of how your world would look like. Now for the fun part. It's time to think about spending some of your money living out your dreams. That requires having a financial plan with a budget and timeframe. You can use something like Microsoft Excel - , Microsoft Project - or Asana - to get organized. As you do some financial planning and start to live some moments in a dream state of mind, you can see what it would be like to be a part of that dream. Do you like what you see? Did you get enough of the action there to see what it is about and how it would affect you? Like going through virtual reality walk through. Did you learn what it would be like to live your dream world in the real world? Sort of like a virtual reality game. What's next? Are you ready to move onto the next level? Can you chip away at the Nabisco Chip Ahoy real world to get to the Can you snap your fingers and give yourself a well deserved promotion and spend some money on enjoying life more and working better not harder. This technique can also be used to help heal yourself. Just envision what it would be like to be healthy and how it would feel like. When you know that, then you can work in the right direction you need to do to get to a healthy state of mind and then the body can follow. After you have created a visual picture of the future based on your dreams and inspirations, then you can forecast some of what the future has in store for you. You can now try to make some money in that place you've dreamed about using some "retail therapy". When you buy something expensive and go somewhere that makes you feel like a rock star or movie star, you've bought into some of that Celtic, Magic, Money. The entire experience and process is working it's magic on making your life more expensive and healing you of any unwanted or unhealthy emotions. It's the feeling you get when you get a bonus. You are just being retroactive. Being in the moment will let you create your job where you can get a raise with a more sophisticated way of living and working. That way of life, sometimes can be more profitable enough to make some extra money to pay yourself. From crickets to fireflies, from day to night. What goes around, comes around. Trying to work 24/7 and 48hours on our passions in life. Watching the issues on 60 minutes, an American newsmagazine on CBS. It's all about philosophy, like Aristotle, Nietzsche, Plato. Try dreaming and imagining how your world would be like in 40 years from now. If you like, browse through the different categories of social media on the internet to get inspired. Turning your attention to how certain things would be better and more expensive if they were made 40 years from now. Get high with me for a while and let the Holy Spirit guide your way to a more spiritual world. As for me, I am dreaming about how transportation could be better. Awesome and cool like a James Bond movie or Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. I wish to be able to travel farther in less time and more comfortably. In First Class, Luxury style preferred. Then with this type of information (the one that comes from surveys), the transportation world can know where to spend its money in R&D (research and development). Spending their money wisely in a technology that people will pay for. Then they can make their money back and hope to make more money so they can create jobs to employ people. The same formula can also be applied to the music industry, fashion or sports and medicine etc. After we know some facts and have some information we can try to envision what it would look like to live that fantasy dream in the here and now. Next we can think about it and see how our lives would be better today using more sophisticated technology. I can hear voices speaking inside of me. I'm Gonna Be Alright - JLO. Knowing that, what changes to your lives would you make today? As you make that homerun. Just like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle did when it was their turn up to bat. With that in mind, we can have a lot more information to work with when making decisions. Working with the stuff that is said and not done. I said I did it but I didn't. Just wanted to see what it was about. Wanted to see how steep the learning curve was. Life's learning lessons. Time to go to the barber shop and get a haircut or go to the beauty salon to have your hair done and get all fancy. Do our nails, makeup, get all dressed up and shine our shoes. Do some bling bling with your friends. Ain't it Funny - JLO ft Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah. Befriend your Universe. There is much more to the Universe than just the cosmos. There are planets there also including Jupiter and Mars or Saturn and Plato. Who needs them when you can have some Albanese - sour candy, made in the USA and say Hello to the people at the Mount Rushmore Presidents American Monument, in South Dakota. As Albert Einstein did with his theory of relativity in relation to gravity and other forces. As we ponder where our future is going and how we could be more proactive about it today we are embraces the future more graceful. No need for war, cause if we live dreaming about how the future can make our lives better, we don't have time for it. Our full time job is on global warming and preparedness so bad weather doesn't prevent us from having fun in life. You can view looking through social media as if you are in an art gallery of a museum. As you search through all the different types of social media sites and check out all the categories like, travel, business, real estate, interior design, technology, food, fashion, cars, lifestyle you are being inspired to create a game plan to work with. The one that is going to be made from the master plan, which is a road map to your masterpiece in life. Even if we don't follow through with our plans, at least they inspired us to get to the next level, (like in a video game) or phase in our life. Making the transitions in life much easier and better than before. Maybe even making some Pillsbury dough that is as in money, and not just molding our fantasy lives with Play-Doh. We can have faith in the future, because we have seen it. Therefore, it exists. We can have hope that there are special things to come our way and we can work for. Life is not just about a right to passage, but about an adventure of endless amounts of wonderful possibilities. The Future awaits you. Go ahead and dream because those are the things that determine what our lives are about. Dreams dictate our lives and put meaning to our existence. "Dreams last so long." If you are about peace the, You Were Meant for Me - Jewels. As you do your spiritual dance to the rhythm of Peace, Love and Happiness, don't be surprised if you start to make a difference in the world and that your dreams start to come true. The contents, is everything to do with telecommunications and travel. Communicating with earth and the World is a full time not everyone can do, it involves going beyond Netflix -, Pandora - and Reuters - business & finance. It's about The Internet & Beyond - Don't Stop working your magic. Including taking it to higher levels. Marketing and doing your public relations job for your dreams you've dreamed up. Instagram Marketing by Bryan Bren. You might find a job there. Social Media Marketing Workbook by Adam Schaffner. Which includes being able to market yourself and doing your PR job there. Being an expert in the field where you've done your research. Explaining how you fit into the big picture is a job onto itself. A Public Affair - Jessica Simpson. The goal, is creating a beautiful life - one Bonita vida, that we can live in. God Bless you may your journeys be happy and prosperous ones. Amen
INTRODUCTION ------------------------ Life is a spiritual journey. Where it is told through social media. Social Media is everywhere. If you spend enough time on social media, you can sure see that it has made a case for itself that it is the quality of life that makes the difference. That's the whole point of it. Marketing is everywhere. There are products that are a witness to the events that enlighten our lives. Including people vouching how wonder life is or can be with blah, blah, blah. Like, ba, ba, ba when you are counting sheep or la, la, la when you are from la, la land. Whatever it may be. The most important thing to remember is that it is not lorem ipsum, it's the content that counts and how we present it that matters. . . .is there a plot, theme or rite to passage that needs to be told in order to teach a story? Storytelling is what it is all about. At the storyline products and/ or services can be sold through those stories and journeys they take. When working with social media, ask yourself these three questions; How does Social Media interact with the story. This requires us to get more involved and to be more social with the world. Take notes on what does that feel like. How can we make it better or does that mean that we just enjoy it for what it is or is not. Tell the story of how the journey got dreamed up and created. Where did the vision come from. To some people, that is almost more important than telling the story, if not more. How does where, what, why, when and how fit into the equation. As we gather our data, where is social media used to keep track of the journey? Break it down into intricate details. Then tell it as we remember it or want to remember it. Choose the angle and perspective as to how you view the journey, details and life. As I embark on my social media journey, I hope to learn a little bit more about the world. I'm sharing my life notes and the homework I did there. With Poems and words or wisdom to inspire. Using words and lyrics to create songs and making screenplays to create stories that are worthy of movies on the big screen. Creating a media/press kit as a marketing tool for the theme of my social media journeys. I'm Not saving my money for a rainy day or some future date. I'm going to use my Celtic,Magic,Money to make today count as the beginning of a new and exciting life for you. You are going to mark as a valuable asset to your life's journey. Gonna embrack on your journey and make it count like no other day has. The beginning of something new. It's gonna be amazing. Don't waste any time and start from here on out. For inspiration, I still like to use some pencils, markers, pens and paper to post my ideas down before I create them and come up with a theme to work with. I can pin them up on my bulletin board and use them as a reference to look back on or forward. Some of the resources I use to jot down my inspirations come from these stationary companies: (they are available from their website or from Eccolo Ltd. - Elum Designs - The Clementine Studio - Shop Lady Jane - Shop Studio C - Paper Destiny - Papyrus Online - Today my life is about, my dreams. Trying to figure out which dreams I have yet to fulfill. Wondering if I've accomplished everything I set out to do. To see if my mission and calling were fulfilled through the dreams I dreamed up for myself. Leaving my dreams behind, like pieces of the puzzle, working their magic for me, even when I'm gone. A little sad to "remember how hearts were broken", when we fell in love with life. Instead of staying focused and grounded on our work load. We got so high, sharing our stories. As we told our tales, we sang it with an acoustic guitar saying, "You Were Meant For Me" - On Point - WBUR (can be seen on YouTube). Praising the people and family who made our journey all so worthwhile. But that's how we learned about life and our God above. Where God stands for something greater than we know life to be about. Now all is left is some Celtic, Magic, Powers to use to create some Cetic, Magic, Money. Maybe it will create an empire for you, or conglomerate, trust fund or perhaps even a scholarship fund. TheTEam - Coming up with business proposals and ideas every which way but loose. If you did your job well, you dreamed it up with Social Media and read about it as you relaxed in your comfort zone. Delving deeper into the woods of your dreams. Into your quiet place. I'm writing letters to myself at my campsite. Taking notes about my travels and journeys. Reflecting upon life and prayer - As the Gauchos of Argentina did before me. And my grandfather and his father and his. Jotting down notes with key words, phrases like scrabble, scribbles and riddles. Doodling. As if to create a nursery rhymes putting them to music. Set it aside to remind me that my journey is to the spirit of a beautiful life - Bonita Vida Inc. Therefore, our business plans will not only have a game plan but also a holy spirit to go with it. To bless it beyond its years. With magical and mystical powers that came from above and beyond. Making friends with the spiritual world is always a good thing. Friends are hard to find and even harder to come by. Such as those of the gods and deities above from the great empires of Roman, Greek, Viking and Medieval etc. In addition, I will be able to have the cosmic energy from fairytales to UFO sightings can perform their magic tricks. CMV: Frosty the Snowman (Jimmy Durante) - MarioSonic2010. Putting their creative powers to work like Santa and Mrs. Claus. Judging everyone so that they can find the right gifts to help them along with their mission in life. Miracle on 34th Street. Even God and Mother Nature with their three sons could lend a helping hand. As they say, my three sons and wives: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Oldest, always have all the responsibilities. Sacrificing themselves all the time for the sake of the family as Jesus did with his cheerleader by his side, like a Cleopatra. Powerful in her own right, in her rite to passages. The middle child, Mohammid the messiah he's the middle child syndrome has his "florcita" - Born of the fresh, fragrant scent of flowers. Is her herself a flower child woman spreading love and peace by his side. The youngest, the Devil of the three brother's is spreading happiness by having lots of good wholesome fun with his virgin wife the Virgin Mary. That's the corporate talk I created for my journey to have and for my company to be about. There is No sibling rivalry there and No misunderstanding on the roles each other plays in life. It's not set in stone or in black or white and for that matter no even a gray line to it. It can be part of one big picture where one either has it all at once or you don't. When we say, God Almighty it's all understood that God is working with his wife Mother Nature or the forces of them. The same goes for when you say A la Almighty above, it includes everything that is above us. A good corporation does that as it presents itself to the board in the boardroom. Where in the board game you get to meet and learn more about the roles that go with a certain type of job. Just like in a board game, you get to that spot on life by working for it. There are no shortcuts in life only shortcomings. Cheating doesn't get you there. That's about shoots and ladders. Cheating only helps you imagine you are there and the work is so much more from that point of view. Those are learning lessons that go with life and the ones we get from doing our daily life schedule. Once we understand what life is about, we can get a job there on our side of the grass. The grass is not greener on the other side because there ain't any over there. There are High times. A Redneck's or Redman's dreams. Outlaws - Green Grass and High Tides - 11/10/1978 - Capitol Theatre - Rock on MV, can be seen on YouTube. Thanks to a friend of mine from high school, who I know this song. It's like part of my a la Mata from high school. Living abroad and growing up overseas, I moved around and went to various schools growing up, so this one special significant meaning. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from me to them and all of you. xoxo. I first got into the business world using my networking skills. I was savvy and quoy. I even used my social graces. They proved invaluable. I worked on my social media skills. Left no stone unturned. From being a rockstar, to a movie star to even sometimes a superstar. No task too small or difficult for me, being born a shooting star. For a Star is Born. That's why social media proved to be so valuable. It helped make doing my homework and research a lot easier so I could do my job. While I was learning to communicate, I took advantage of debate and speech class and used them to be my tools. They were my pencil and ruler. With my pen and notebook in hand, I jot down my goals in life. Creating money for me like Treasury Bonds & T Note Documents for my happy place. I put that money that I created, in my TD Bank account. The T is for Treasury Bonds and the D is for T Note Documents. I tried out my networking skills at my happy place, like at the local ice cream social. Went to my happy place, Sunny Daes ice cream -, for my daily dose of happiness. Get Social media, social media strategy & tactics for leaders by Michelle Carvill and published by Kogan Page. Kindness is my passion. Always trying to compliment people. With, that person is lovely. I like to be polite and nice so people know that That's what I'm about. I also like to be be remembered in that manner when I do business so that they know that that's the business I'm in. Taylor Swift Asks Anna Wintour 8 Questions - Go Ask Anna - on the Vogue channel of YouTube. "I'm sweating everywhere." To be more fluent in the English language and better able to communicate with others, I needed to do my research. Do a mathematical equation and get answers from there. Adding pieces of the puzzle, like a good table of contents - Digital Branding, a complete step - by - step guide to strategy, tactics, tools and measurement by Daniel Rowles, published Kogan Page. Sailing through some smooth waters as I go from one business project to another. Staying away from stormy weather. Waiting for a beautiful sunny day to feel the sea breeze upon me. Giving me the affirmation that the job is important. First, I take a look around to see what's going on around me. Next, I try to see if there is anything around me that is part of my story that I can be with it and be a team player or an asset to it. With that information, I'm ready to get a closer look at my World. Before I go any further I check to see how my sails are doing on my sailboat. Once I've made to shore, I go on any interviews, meetings or other social event I want to. These experiences will teach me what I need to know to find out what all the different companies stand for and how they got their name and logo. I ask myself, do I fit into their image and how? What outfit would I wear if I was to represent them in a meeting? Jewels Performs "Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes" At Howard Steven's 2014 Birthday Bash. In order to answer these questions first one needs to ask yourself the following: Do you know what the logo of the company stands for? The logo could either be a company or school emblem that stands for something significant. It could also be a way to identify yourself. Make it a way of life or lifestyle to make your money. Do you know what the company stands for and what it looks like? Could you describe it to someone else in your own words from your perspective? If you like, delve deeper and you can use these questions as learning exercises as part of a social media project. Does a product you see on social media fit into a certain category of a particular logo or corporate identity? Is it a no brainer and you are just testing the waters of what is still yet to come your way or has it already come and gone and you like what you see. Can you describe what it is that you like and is it enough to market yourself or a product you like. Is it a commodity that can be traded anywhere in the world, a stock is traded on the stock market and a bond does best in after hour trading. Is it a variable that keeps changing or is it a constant or abstract and infinite. I like to think of it as Woody from Toy Story is continually changing to get to his mission accomplished where Buzz lightyear is either a constant or abstract job from here to infinity and beyond. Disney's Toy Story 2 trailer can be seen on YouTube. Are you concerned about whether you have misinterpreted a message or had that been a helpful experience that taught you more about what's going on in the world. Is it teaching you how to communicate via social media or are you learning via your investments. Enjoying being in the moment teaches more about ourselves and our world than thinking about it. What makes us happy and comfortable is always a win win situation. We are being true to our heart and soul. Makes us feel like we are doing our job right. Now that we know these truths to be self evident, we know that we are comfortable in a world that is constantly changing. Here I am dreaming about the things I can do with my life. That's the first process of creating my Harvard - case study. When the Lord calls upon us to action, you don't know where it's gonna take you. . It's like retail therapy. Where you first dream it. Then you feel and experience it. The vision that it creates for your comes from the things that you want to buy for self indulgence things and items you want to wear. I got the whole world as my stage. Here I am looking at a world atlas. With my magic globe, I have the world in the palm of my hands. I'm miles away from either my home or work office. I've got my mobile office with me by carrying around my smartphone. Miles Away. Like on the YouTube video of Madonna, Miles Away. If you can dream it, you can create it. We are going to dream it up with social media apps at our home office and create it with our tools in our work office. Seeing only lines and numbers, it's an MIT - Institution think tank experience. I have set my social media apps on my tablet screen to be designed to be my home office desktop. If you want you can follow along using either a tablet or smartphone, or any other android machine, laptop or desktop computer. All your other apps will have to be stored in the App folder. If you are using an android, you can store some of your other apps on another screen. Any other android device will do. In order to get more expensive, and create a special experience, we are simplifying our lives - That's why we have chosen to arrange our social media apps in a specific order. The point of it all is to have fun as if we were playing a video game. In a gaming format. The layout resembles that of of a numeric pad of a touchtone screen on a cell phone. On the cell phone keypad there are three vertical and three horizontal rows. Each item will be replaced by a different social media app. The first vertical row, holds the numbers 1,4,7. The YouTube app is set on the number 1 spot, Instagram app is on the 4 spot and the Pinterest app is on the 7 spot. These apps are my creative visualization apps Tip: Even though may music & video clips on YouTube are free to watch, you can pay subscribe and pay to use YouTubeTV to watch television on your desktop. The second vertical row, with the numbers 2,5,8 the middle row holds the apps Chrome, Facebook and Vimeo accordingly. These apps are my remembering apps. The second vertical row, holds the numbers 3,6,9. The LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr. These apps are used to create a visual picture. I have Instagram app on the number 3 spot, the Tumblr app on the 6 spot and the Twitter app on the 9 spot. Together, all these apps create a special social media experience that allows us to dream up a World that we would want to live in and invest in. Note: Your App folder can look like a Bingo board. With all the apps a visual display representing a space on the board. These apps the the ones you download onto your system that you need to use for your daily activities. Tip: In your App folder you can download the SlingTV app - and pay to watch television on your desktop. You can also download the Elevate app to use as a personal brain teaser. You can watch a video clip on the app on Elevate channel of YouTube, Elevate App Preview. Note: If you are working with a desktop computer you will not a camera app at the bottom of the screen as we do. You need to have either a tablet or smartphone device in order to have one. To the right of the camera app we have the email icon and the App folder and to the left of the camera icon we have, The Weather Channel app - Now that we have gotten used to our home office layout of social media apps and love the game format idea, we are going to recreate the format and make a work office desktop layout to work from. As we swipe left we move onto another screen. That's the screen we are going to create our office desktop. If I swipe right on the Samsung tablet -, I am at Flipboard - reading the headline news. I am using my tablet to be put on the top of my Work office desktop. I have all the tools that I need to take a mental note of where we're at when all our dreams fade away. First I start with the top row with the Date, Time and Year in this order using the Calendar, Clock and Settings icon to represent this information. On the next horizontal row I have the Memo, Flashlight Galaxy and Docs icons. I use the Memo pad to write notes to myself as if they were stickies. Got my flashlight in case of any emergencies. I have Google docs to write my business proposals and letters to correspondent clients. On the third row, I have the Gallery, My Files and Calculator icon. I set my alarm on my cellphone to wake me up. Just woke up from a dream. . Now I'm all set to go do my work for the day. Taking a visual intake of the days news. I see in my calendar if there is any important events scheduled for me to do this week. I got the time, day and year set for the next big project coming my way. Driven, by Success. Every Gesture Counts - Episode 1: Empathy (can be seen the YouTube, Michelin channel). For the perfect drive, Film 30s Chapel film trailer..(can be seen on the CHAPAL1832 channel of YouTube). So absorbed in my work. I'm gonna go anywhere it is taking me. Got my GPS set for Success. Knowing that no one else can do the job that I'm doing so well, I'm happy doing the job well. All set with my mobile office. With my cell phone with social media apps and a tablet to use for presentations when I don't want to carry around a laptop or have access to desktop. I'm off to show my presentations I've made with Adobe Photoshop. The ones I learned reading these books, Fundamental Photoshop, published by McGraw Hill and Adobe Premiere Pro published by Wiley & Sons. Both written by Adele Lorraine Droblas and Seth Greenberg. I'm going. Me Voy - Paulina Rubio ft. Espinoza Paz. When people ask me for advice, I say to them I got my plan of action but I don't have a master plan yet. It's a work in progress. I still have to make choices and work with them. Then I say, the way I decide what choses to make in life is to say to them, if you had a million dollars in my hands, would I make the same choices I've made in my life. Is there anything I could or would do different or better? By imagining that I am holding that money in my hands, I can think more expensive than I did yesterday when I had that many bills to pay. Now I can pay my bills and I'm even. Took a load of my back and I can see where the silver lining is at. The next question I ask myself is there anything I can think to make my life better. Trying to come up with some good ideas to make my choices better ones. Ones that can create a future for with the skills I know. Trying to find the best possible outcomes and make the most of what of it is like a statistical math equation. It takes time to come up with all the possible ideas, possibilities and outcomes. What would you do with your life if you had all that data? Would you make the same choices you've chosen. Some say yes, others say there is still room for improvement. Others say, now that I got that money I can leave it there to grow and see what I want to do with my life. Now that I've made myself my million and don't have to work for that. Put in the bank account and watch it grow. How would you water your money or plans? What decisions would you make to help nurture it and watch it grow. How would you make more money, based on the fact that you want to stay and feel rich. Knowing you have that money in your bank account puts your mind at ease and let's you forget about all that social stigma that goes with it. Now you don't have to work for it. You just have to figure out how to live like you're a successful being. Would you still think as you do now or could you come up with more sophisticated ways of living and ways of making choices. Could thinking more expensive make any changes in your life? Now, you have a game to play with your social media sites. Here are the inspirational quotes that you are gonna want to use as you surf the internet and social media sites. "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it" William Arthur Ward. "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" Ralph Waldo Emerson. "The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless" Jean-jacques Rousseau. "Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do" Brian Tracy. "This world is but a canvas to our imagination" Henry David Thoreau. LEADING UP TO THE STORY ------------------------------------------ I just woke up from an intense moment in my life. Last night, I found out I married the wrong guy. I married my best friend. As it turns out, actually the guy that I was in love with, has been in love with me all along. To my surprise, I thought he was self absorbed and only interested in his work. He told me this last night, at a dinner party. During cocktail hour I thought I was having the time of my life. Mingling with everyone, laughing out loud, telling jokes and making conversation with all the right people who are important to my life. All of a sudden I find myself taken by this fellow. As he speaks to me, I hear nothing at all. I only fantasize about him as if I am in a Victoria's Secret 'A Night Of A Thousand Fantasies commercial and wonder what it would be like to be with him all night long. My husband, in the meantime can't believe that his good friend was so preoccupied with his wife. Maybe it was the Brooks Brothers dress I was wearing that was hiding my insecurities. Making it look like I was ready for more than I am normally ready for. I was dressed to play the part, but not yet experienced enough to do so. Normally you can just ignore these kinds of moments. Manos Al Aire - Nelly Furtado. But I'm not sure that's the case this time. My body and soul told me otherwise. Either way, I've got some things to sort out in my head. And the worst part about it is that my husband this morning told me he didn't have to go into work today. That he has the day off and is anxious to spend the day with me. He says he wants to take me shopping and then out to eat. I want to spend a lovely day with my husband, but I still can't get this guy out of my head. Maybe shopping will do the trick. Anyways, my hubby is calling me. He's telling me that my coffee is ready. "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" - Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera. All I can think about is that, "It's morning time and I'm wondering what I'm going to do." Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Live Meyerson Symphony Center. Symphony for the devil, like a sympathy @ Carnegie Hall in NYC or Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, telling jokes. Did you get the joke? It's a good Polish joke not a Jesus Christ Superstar song. That's where the Lord has a sense of humor. It's a story about a country girl. Being raised as a farm girl. Trying to figure out what she's going to do with her life beside play softball and ride horses. Of course that's all she ever wanted to do. I'm happy / Estoy Contenta - The way a pregnant woman feels. That she is happy knowing she is giving new life to the world. Tu y Yo Volvemos Al Amor - Monica Naranjo. A beautiful gift. The rest is like a bonus that comes with an expense account and hopefully a promotion. What's it going to be for me?! Going on ice cream socials and on a date? What a day that's going to be. Being raised Texas, cause It's just like being from where I'm from in Argentina. As my date and I say good-bye and good night, we say to each other, ain't no Lone Star State no more. As we reply, yuh or duh. There is still so much more to the two of us. Alright we got ourselves something special. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) - Christina Aguilera. Got whatever I want and need with my YouTubeTV subscription. That's going to make us some money from here to that lone star. Sssshhhh. The secret is in, don't tell anyone else while we're daydreaming or dreaming while I'm sleeping at night or at nap time. Already being bred to be born a girl of the new millennium. Going out tonight. Waiting On You - Lindsay Ell. The one my grandaddy and his daddy and the rest of the forefathers worked so hard for. The angels sing to me now. Inviting me to earn my wings here. Including wings and a unicorn for my horse. Who could resist the devil calling upon me to do my work here. Cause this ain't no 4th of July picnic where dreams are made in heaven here on earth. God's Country - Blake Shelton. This is real hard, labor type work. Baptized in the Holy water got myself a deed to the land. Very fashionably, you put on your cowgirl boots and put your entire body on overdrive, not four wheel drive. Singing your happy tune, as you help tend to the horses and do your chores on the land. And it hurts like a bitch, but it feels oh so good to be that bad and that good. Which one are you, bad or good? Or a little bit of both. Whatcha gonna do Now? Find myself a place with a ranch to ride horses and sing about it all day and then go to the recording studio and record it for safekeep, so you can wear it around your heart on a locket for a good luck charm. Hoping love will come your way some day. Proud of who I am and what I've becoming living my life through the dreams that were planned for me, before I knew about them. Orgullosa - In the meantime, today I'm going to live for Me! Janine - Ya No Mas. I talked to an investment broker about my ideas. A person I had met through my granddaddy. Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays Bank. I Went to see if I could get a loan for that type of business talk. Did some show & tell. Showed him the places I was interested in while I also spoke to the listing agents. They entail me doing some traveling. I think I can handle that. Plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble. Bar Ten Creek ranch has 460 acres. 2391 W Fitzhugh Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620. Listed at $30,000,000. It has horse barns and stalls, swimming pool, is near Austin, TX. Listing agent Stephanie Pope. Stanberry Realtors. This estate has a recording studio and theater room. 4750 Columbia Pike, Thompson Station, TN 37179. Listed at $4,999,999. Has 54 acres, a barn, a salt water pool, 5 bd, 7 ba, 8,85 sq ft. and is near historic downtown Franklin. Listing agent Traci Semptimphelter. Neal Clayton Realtors, LLC. I got the go ahead. Green light to follow my dreams. Yellow light for them to come true yet and definitely a red light for to much self indulgent. I'm young and free like the Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera if the 80s. Ready to take on some financial responsibilities and start a business. Dancing under a Latin Moon. Irresistible - Jessica Simpson. Gotta start somewhere. In love with you, luna mia / my moon. It shines so bright for us all. Enamorada De Ti - Might as well start from a place one is familiar with. It's 6 am. Time to wake - up and start my day and continue to be Ms. Responsible. Like the one Tom Petty sings about in his song, Free. Active service. I'm here to serve. Just like my war hero, grandaddy - W.B. Mason. A country fellow who wrote poetry, played the guitar and sang both at church and in the great outdoors. Pleasing the souls of family and friends. Being country, is as important as can be, because It's about being real and true to yourself. It can be important to go to church to mingle and socialize. Doing your share of Social Media. I liked all the singing at church and the spiritual part of it. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield. Not much into the religious part of it that tells you what and how to do it. My Grandfather's youngest brother, Carlos Gardel had a church in South Carolina that I used to love to go to with my Auntie, Dolly Parton, his daughter. We sang and prayed that it's gonna be alright and OK. For the longest time, I kept asking What's going to be ok? Finally I got a real answer and figured it out. As if it was the hardest question on an exam and I figured I aced it cause I learned they were talking about the crops and harvest. And when I meant aced it, I was kidding. Because I kind of got partial with those four aces in a 52 deck of cards. I was either playing poker to get 4 aces and a wild card and those could fetch me a straight or a flush. When I played blackjack, an ace of spade got me whatever else I might needed. To make sure I was going to have a happy year ahead of me. Hoping it would be a good year. Pa Mama YO - Natti Natasha. A happy and good one. Full of praise and joy to be thankful for. Joy and Regis remember them. Regis, Dolly's brother is related to me also. Hello Dolly it's so nice to have you back again. As Burt Reynolds looks at her and says Hello to her in, The Best Little Whitehouse in Texas. Anyways, since my roots extend to Europe, I got some melting pot going on in me. From different religions to ethnic cultural backgrounds. I feel like I got the world at my fingertips. One thing I learned from church is that, no matter if you are rich or/and famous, "I stay real". Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block, you can't change the weather channel and have it stop from happening. You can't live your dream in a paradise, or be ruler of your universe, if the weather channel isn't cooperating and on your side. All you can do is measure your universe with a ruler on a map. You can though, buy some time and help get to a better time where the weather is good. You can feel almighty and powerful if the weather and time is on your side. King for a day - Thompson Twins. In the limelight and spotlight going down dirt roads and backroads. Our Celtic roots tell us that with our Celtic Magic at work on our dreams we can hope that there will be money to be made ahead and maybe even all year long. With some happy times to look forward to. Thinking about how important the Earth is in our lives. We have to praise it and give it some TLC, tender, loving care to help it stay and be positive. Then give back to us that type of energy. Save the Earth. Love our Planet. That's real money. Celtic.Magic.Money. We are so grateful and happy for the little things. For even the basic things like food on our table has a special journey. There is so much that goes into that process. On the farm, one with nature is where I learned my holistic healing techniques. How food can be used as medicine to your brain and body. Part of a healing therapy. Now I can watch how the weather affects the price of some commodities, soybean, corn, oil or gold. Thinking about how oil could be made from corn or how solar or wind energy can be so powerful as to save us money and put us into the future in a big way. In addition to having indoor greenhouses preventing bad weather ruining crops. It is interesting to see how we, as humans can work with technology, time and weather to be more profitable and efficient for happy lives. In the meantime, I'm working on creating my future engagement ring. Hoping that the man of my dreams will connect with me on a higher level. As the cosmos speak to him and me. The vibrations of the Earth are stronger than the two of us. The beat and the rhythm of the earth dictate our future. As a dictator from a Spanish speaking country does, so the riches of the Earth stay untapped by man. Even the precious oils remain intact for their magic is needed to create a rich soil for the harvest for the farmers to grow on and for the people to dream about the wealthiest moments and make their dreams from and be able to buy one of those dreams up. Ain't It Funny - JLO. Revealing the different layers and facets of the diamond. Each one representing the various stories of my life viewed from different angles and perspectives. The luminous and the brightness of the rock reveals how I interact with each facet. The entire experience is classic and beautiful. All the facets of my life are going to produce the right ring for me. My wedding ring and my engagement ring when I was right out of college, in our preppy days was from Tiffany then afterwards, from our yuppie days were from Cartier and now that I'm a successful business woman married to a successful businessman, acting the role of a princess I dreamed my wedding jewelry from Harry Winston - Including the necklace that I wear on my wedding day. My wedding band is a Micropave diamond dome. His is a Zalium wedding band. My wedding ring is a very classic look. The One, Cushion - Cut Diamond Micropave Engagement Ring to resemble the finer things in life. Brilliantly in Love - Harry Winston. As special as the icing on the cake. The New York Collection by Harry Winston can be seen on YouTube. Timeless and Forever! That's what we are working for. Harry Winston Churchill said, "The price of greatness is responsibility." When I'm ready to take on the role of the responsibilities of a Queen, then I will be able to wear such fine jewelry from DeBeers -, such as the Aura Double Halo Solitaire Ring with the Enchanted Lotus White Gold & Malachite Pendant and Talisman White Gold Large Medallion. " Every wish would be granted for me, If I could be Queen for a day." Baltimore's Night - Castles & Dreams, Queen for a Day. "Do a little dance." Disco Queen - or Drama Queen - The story of my life is made of various different stories. A story represents a Photoshop layer. Gradually transitioning from one layer into another. Intricately woven together to create a collage or montage. Each story/layer is a significant part of who I am. Cameron Diaz Looks Back at Her Past InStyle Covers - 25th Anniversary. The story can also be seen through layers in motion using Adobe Photoshop. Note: For artwork from Adobe artist, go to: For more on using Photoshop, refer to the book Fundamental Photoshop or the Complete Photoshop Reference published by McGraw Hill and written by Adele Lorraine Droblas and Seth Greenberg. If you want to keep the layers and add sound, you can use either Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects. For more on doing digital video with Adobe Premiere, refer to the Adobe Premiere Pro Bible published by Wiley & Sons and written by Adele Lorraine Droblas and Seth Greenberg. Seth Greenberg is not only the co-author of various computer graphics books with me, but he worked at 500 companies in NYC the same time as I did. His field of expertise was doing database programming and a film and television background in script writing. He has a masters in Communication from Boston University and a BA from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. His father, Max Greenberg was the accountant of the school and his Mother, Gloria Greenberg the social worker. Seth and his brothers and sister all went to Stanford University - His oldest brother, Gary Greenberg, created the digital computer graphic and video department program at Northwest University - in Evanston, Illinois. He has a Masters and Doctors from Harvard University - His younger brother, Josh is an artist and his wife bakes and sells cakes. His younger Sister went to Stanford for Dance and is a dance teacher. Seth's parents are also immigrants like mine. His meant at Ellis Island - in NY. Seth, like me has also lived abroad. He taught English in French and Indonesia. THE STORY BEGINS ------------------------------- It's 2020. Happy New Year!! Wherever you ringing in the New Year, it's a new beginning. "New York is art. . A crafted love story. .What happens when art touches you." Rosie Huntington - Nirav Modi Commercial - Shakun Batra. Finally we have reached the decade of technological advancements. Where not only can we be more comfortable in our own spaces but make we've to learn how to make our everyday lives better and easier. We have 20 / 20 vision. The 20/20 Experience - Justin Timberlake. Dawn - We can see how we can improve our daily lives while at the same time enjoy the quality of life. Making the journey so much more worthwhile. I can choose to live my American Dream or continue to dream about it. I can also use social media to envision a perfect world and dream and create a wonderful place to love in. I can get create a board game, write a novel or business venture and write up a proposal to get a business loan so I can invent it. Not necessarily making any decisions until I'm ready to decide what I want to do with my life. In the meantime, social media allows me to do both or either or. Help us dream about it or help us make it a reality. I can find and get good ideas for real estate, travel plans, transportation, food recipes to enrich my eating experience, fashion ideas, read about business stories and creative ways to spend my leisure time. Including looking for job ideas. All part if a good day. This is my story I dreamed. I dreamed I was made of riches. Rosie Huntington - Whiteley Photoshoot - British GQ. As I'm dreaming, I'm looking through social media sites as if they where fashion magazines and commercials. I hope you enjoy it. A story of a country girl raised learning the skills of life through farming and horseback riding. What are your passions in life? What kind of stories can you invent and dream up? Living your Fantasy! Even if it's just for a day so you can see what it's really about and if it's the kind of thing for you. Maybe there are more dreams to be had before you start trying to live them out. Maybe there are new worlds to discover and more to learn about life. Maybe your dreams are talking to you. Anyways here's to life. It's 5 o'clock in the morning and I'm just driving up to my beautiful 60 million dollar dream home in the Hamptons. The one I found on Zillow -, from real estate broker Frank Newbold from Sotheby's International Realty - This lot on 32 Windmill Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937 has amazing views. A 6.7 acre estate with a 5500 square ft home, built in 1988 has 5.4 acres of oceanfront and 5 bedroom suites with 6 bathrooms including a 3 bedroom guest cottage. Driving up to it in my luxury Mercedes Benz - sedan is a real treat. Rosie Alice Huntington - Whiteley - Stimulus. My Mercedes Benz car is so much fun to drive. I feel like I'm still on my horse riding back on the ranch that I grew up in Argentina. I flew the friendly skies in a personal jet, on an Embraer Phenom 100 by Linear air - Reminds me of the horses running on the polo fields like at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic - June 1st at the Liberty State Park in Newark, New Jersey. The experience is sort of like driving a Lamborghini - in the sky. Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang finally made it's deputy to the friendly skies. Sometimes I fly Tradewind Aviation, Everyone is so fashionable. Captured on the pages of Harper's Bazaar (, WWD (, Essence magazine (, and on the pages of GQ ( and Vogue ( There are also all sorts of pictures on different boards on Pinterest. Calvin Klein Collection commercial can be seen on YouTube. Calvin Klein - Men & Women's collection is beautifully American. I am happy living my American Dream in my fantasy world. Welcome to my World. It's a beautiful life, as I tell you my tales I'm as excited anyone can be discovering a new land and new adventures. Just imagine how the immigrants felt as they first step foot on undiscovered lands. Grasping on to their life experiences and making their marks. My passions led me to discover new lands and new languages. I did a lot of soul searching and became in contact with a more spiritual way of living. Practicing the art of meditation and working with positive energy. I learned more about my World than about myself. The quality of my life paved the way for me. Dreaming about better days, I worked nonstop, around the clock to soak up the sun rays waiting to watch a beautiful sunrise at the beach. Talking to my boyfriend my business partner about a few other investments that has perked our interest. Including two right near our home. An antique. A 1920 home is close to the beach, 19 Georgica Rd, East Hampton, NY 11939 with 4bd, 3.5 ba, 3,500 sq FT worth $7,950,000 has 1.4 acres, listing agent Diane Saatchi of Saunders & Associates. Another by the beach, 86 Bull Path, East Hampton, NY 11937 is listed at $4,200,000. It has 2 acres, a carriage barn, pool, 6 bd, 6 ba, 6,105 sqft. Listing agent Vincent Horcasitas of Saunders & Associates. While we were away we have our good friends Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos over to fill us in on what we missed. Before they head back into the city. We talk about the latest fashion styles. Exchange food recipes and talk about how they remodeled their kitchen. Kelly Ripa Kitchen Renovation: Episode 1 (seen on YouTube). Kelly and Mark come up with New Vows - LIVEKellyandRyan. #LIVEKELLY. Habits of Long-lasting Couples - LIVEKellyandRyan. On Monday, we took the Lexus GX SUV: Elements of Luxury - Lexus (seen on Youtube) - to the home office, 172 Cedar Street, East Hampton, NY 11937. A $9,995,000, 8 acre retreat built in 2008, with horse stables, chlorine-free granite swimming pool, tennis, 12 bedrooms, 15.5 bathrooms, 9 fireplaces and gym. My boyfriend and I spotted this place one day as we were going for a drive. We talked to the listing agent, Enzo Mirabito from Douglas Elliman Real Estate - about our plans on making this place a home office away from home. And here we are. Ready to do my job. I feel rested after a well deserved, long relaxing vacation weekend at Nantucket, Massachusetts. I'm glad to be back at work. At my home office -, I first check my email to see if I have any new information I need to know about or any new material I need to address. Then on Twitter, I read all the news that's currently available from the people, places and things I am following. If I want to read about a specific topic, I can type in a hashtag, a topic preceded by a number sign, such as #daytrading or #wealth - Next I go through all the paperwork that I have on Google Docs format, Word or PDF format. I find what are the most pressing topics of the day. Thinking about whether I want to, HOLD * BUY or SELL - Then I check out all the social media sites to see if anything catches my eye. I surf the internet. Then check, LoopNet ( and Zillow ( for available commercial real estate. What catches my attention is this 1923 store front building. I love the idea of having an old brick building from the past as a place of business. I wonder what the building was once used for. It reminds me of the family store I grew up with in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There you could find some expensive clothes for women and men of polo. Terrified of losing my self identity - and not be able to fit into and walk in my Jimmy Choo - shoes. The building is on 105 Newtown Lane #107 in East Hampton. I could have my family store from Argentina, Norway have a presence in the USA. That's where I met my boyfriend. My family and his family both had a ranch with horses, cows and other animals in the country. He would come to the store to buy his suits for work, His business meetings. I would be in the store with my grandfather, already dressed up in my business clothes. My grandfather owned the store. We would come in from the country to take care of business for the store. One day, when my boyfriend came to pick a suit out and modeled it for us we told him he looked so handsome and professional. He asked him if he wanted to be the male model for the Men's store while I was to be the woman model for the woman's store. He agreed. We immediately put him to work. There was a fashion show the store was gonna put on and have sponsors be there. Tickets were sold to raise money for local charity events and a car was raffles of to the ticket holders and more. Also a band. Occasionally I also got up to sing with the band. Already versed in antique and vintage decor I could help preserve a part of history if I make this deal. I call the listing agent, Tony Cerio from Brown Harris Stevens and talk to him about my plans. I pass the phone over to my boyfriend so he can be in on it and put his magic touch on it with me. With the scent of Polo Black Label. As if it were the scent of daytime in the country and night together. One scent being absorbed into another. Creating a mystical and magical aroma of nostalgic days gone past. From moments of polo matches where beautiful people are dressed so elegantly and expensive. Everyone waiting in suspense to feel the energy of the polo matches begin. Wondering who's gonna win and who's gonna be the next Nacho Figueras. As I work my magic with the scent of La Prairie Midnight rain. Next on my agenda, I focus my attention on looking at the stock market and more things that are sure things. I spot the ones that have potentials and take note of the things that have chances of moving upwards instead of downward. I take into consideration that depending upon how you view things there will be different outcomes.Taking those factors into consideration, I'm making sure my investments don't spiral down onto a downward trend. The suspense is too strong that I need to find ways so they stay up and strong. It's important to be comfortable with your investments and with the things they do in the marketplace. Getting my Celtic, Magic, Money. Happy knowing that my money is creating new venture capitals and investments. Including R&D, research and development. By lunch time, I am a more educated investor even if I don't invest my money anywhere here in this moment. At least I'm getting valuable information to know how to invest wisely and have a long term backup plan to invest in. With my research there I will be able to know whether my money will lose its value with time. It could either depreciate with the currency exchange rate, lose its value with inflation and be less valuable as things begin to cost more and me maybe being part of the problem there if I'm a bad investor or with recession I could be out of luck with the economy going flat. I want my money to be more expensive and be with the rich & famous. Because that's what I want to do. I want to feel like I've done a job well done. Made a lasting impression and made a big fortune. Wanna be a Billionaire. Tracie McCoy - Billionaire Ft. Bruno Mars Official Music Video. I'd have my own show and be on the cover of Forbes magazine - As I slip into my Brooks Brothers - suit, Made in the USA, I stop to put on some La Prairie - makeup and fragrance, Life threads. My boyfriend, wears Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren. I want to feel expensive like a La Prairie fragrance commercial. In the mood for love. La Prairie presents Arielle Dombasle in Life Threads Silver - Episode 1 - LifeThreadsLaPrairie, seen on YouTube. Now that we are in the right mood, we jet off to eat at our favorite restaurant, The Palm East Hampton - in my boyfriends car, a porsche - Classic and timeless like him. My boyfriend and I start of with a good bottle of French champagne brut Veuve Clicquot -, yellow label with the colossal lump crabmeat cocktail and jumbo shrimp cocktail. We share it between the two of us my business partner and I talk business and prepare for our business meeting. Then we just chit chat about the polo gossip column. How Prince William and Harry play a polo match for charity. As I surf my smartphone, I load onto the screen the articles by People magazine and Vanity Fair about the events to share with my partner. By the time we are ready to order lunch the rest of our party has arrived. We politely greet our potential clients. Walter W. Bettinger, CEO of Charles Schwab - and Charles W. Scharf, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of New York Mellon - (Dreyfus is now a part of this company). See if they want to order a bottle of champagne or wine and what type of appetizers they want. Then we talk about their trip to the Hamptons. We all agree how lovely it is. Fortunately it's a lovely day. At the Palm -, restaurant in East Hampton, we are so grateful to be there. We have been here before, when we were younger with our forefathers. Appreciative of this magical moment we sip or champagne and toast to our success. As we proceed to order our dinner. I ordered the Broiled Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster and my boyfriend has the Filet Mignon. With a side order of baby kale salad and fresh asparagus. What would you choose to have as your main course and side dish? For desert, I have the iced carrot cake and my boyfriend has the New York style cheesecake. It's such a happy, pleasant moment. Everyone at the table is happy. After they have had something to eat and drink we start talking business. We know we can make the deal happen. We just want to make sure they are comfortable when we present our business plan, part of the master plan. We share our business model strategy that we have worked so hard on. The book, Business Model Generation by Strategyzer -, proved to be valuable in creating the plan. We explain to them that we have had so much fun with Polo, that we feel there could be room for virtual polo at restaurants, casinos and theme parks. There already is virtual golf - and places to go to play virtual golf - CT Virtual Golf, Players Club Virtual Golf, Bobby TV's, Oakwood Virtual Golf, and Urban Golf NY etc. Read about at Golf could even be viewed as polo without the horses. We could start with a grand opening, close to home in CT, at the Mohegan Sun Casino - There we could have available different types of wine from Argentina, our special blend of Martini with different flavors, Kentucky Bourbon, a citrus liqueur and sparkling drink plus food and other products sold with the Bonita Vida Inc. logo. Such as clothes and souvenirs sold in the shops at the casino. The logo is on the main page of the website - As you have desert, the big question here is; Do you want your piece of the pie or do you want to stick with us and become a valuable player. Do you want to work hard and become an expert in your field and find a position in the company as it moves up the corporate ladder and becomes a multinational sensational conglomerate. One that is worth its weight in gold. An Empire of the New millennium that is approaching us. We are going to estimate that our empire is gonna reign in its domain from 2020 to 2040. After that we are of the future. No longer of the past or present. It's a whole new ball game. With no boundaries. That's what we are working for to be a part of that new world that is approaching us. Having a more intimate and special experience with our lives. What a vibe. Cheers! It's Bible Study time. Getting a more personal experience with life. As seen on the YouTube Madonna channel in the Madame X Tour Announcement. As Hemingway said, when he spoke his words of wisdom, "In order to write about life first you must live it.". I walk in their footsteps. Praise be to the Lord above. Thanks be to God. Hallelujah (Live in London) - Leonard Cohen. "Maybe there is a God above." I'll have a Martini, on that. On that note, we are now selling our own brand of Martini in Long Island. One sip as I'm dreaming about it at the Rainbow Room in NYC - Scent of a Woman - The Tango (seen on the Movies like channel on YouTube). We had such a lovely experience. Enough to impregnate a woman. Hoping we can work together in the same pleasant manner. We will see each other either at Bridgehampton Polo -, in Long Island or at the Greenwich Polo Club - The Miracles of Life. Motherhood has taught me so many nurturing habits that can become habit forming. Miracle - Sarah Brightman featuring YOSHIKI. It teaches you how to organize your time in an efficient manner so that everyone is happy and you also have time for yourself. You are being the perfect host for your life to others who want to be in it and share it with you. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban. "I am strong when I am on your shoulders." Figuring out what to do with your free time is an art. Anticipating where the holy spirit needs you to go is a skill. Working with the energy out there to create a joyful experience. O Come, All Ye faithful - Pentatonix. Like Freedom fighters, feminist or people of peace who took the path less traveled. Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) Disney Parks Christmas Day - TheCelineDionChannel. Life is about discovering unfamiliar and uncharted territory. Following your calling and making sacrifices leads you to creating something you love to do. In a world you have created all of you own. A place where kindness can be your poison to cure you from loneliness and betrayal. Merry Christmas. Receiving gifts from the World as rewards. A lovely interview with Madonna by Kate Langbroek can be seen on YouTube, On the Hit Network channel. Madonna Chats Madame X, Motherhood and Being Her Own Muse. "Give Faith a fighting chance." I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack. Dancing with the Stars - Dancing my way from the first steps to each progression and transition in my life. All the way to my final encore. Bravo. "Wise Men Say. ." Can't Help Falling in Love - Andrea Bocelli. Celtic Woman - Woman - Ave Maria. Amazing Grace - II Divo. "Grace will lead me Home." Next stop is, New York City. For a business meeting in downtown Wall Street - We avoid the traffic, by taking a helicopter ride there with Zip Aviation - I call up my good ole friend, Adena Friedman, president of Nasdaq - and tell her we are coming into the city and staying at the Four Seasons Hotel NY Downtown -, that we want to meet her there and CEO of JP Morgan - and Chase -, Jamie Dimon about a future business plan. They are friends of mine, that I made in my college days when I was going to the University of Michigan - We wait for them, in the lobby to arrive. Then we go to talk business at CUT by Wolfgang Puck - There is such a variety of choices that everyone is happy. As we talk to our friends, we tell them we have been in the horse business for so long that we've come up with some ideas to do business. As I talk Arena about how we discussed over lunch at Bergdorf Goodman - during tea time how it would be a good idea to think about a business idea with Polo. Since it's so expensive. She actually encouraged me and my boyfriend inspired me and my friend Jamie was always good at listening to my past ideas. My boyfriend and I shared with them our business idea. We are ready to share our business idea about polo. We feel that there could be a spot at the Epcot theme park at Disney World - that focusing on Polo. There could be an amusement park ride for people to see an animated polo show in live action. What do you think? Do you love the idea like we do? Yes it's good?! Thumbs Up! We say to them as our introduction, to our next thought. What do you think about our idea? It could be great! Right?! At the World Showcase countries there could be a spot to show off how great Polo can be. Emphasizing the food (including empanadas and dulce de leche - and culture of Argentina, just like Texas and some other places that it is all about horses and polo. The main attraction of this exhibit of course would be horses. How amazing the adrenaline is during horse races, polo and equestrian riding. Since, I really horses, I decided that the focus should not only be about polo, but also on horse races and equestrian riding. This exhibit's amusement ride, could start out where you see animated people buying tickets to the horse races. As the ride moves on, the animated horses are off and begin racing. It's all so much fun. You yourself are riding on ride that looks like It's from a carousel. As you watch the race slowly end the ride steers you right to a polo match. You know you are watching it, almost like real on an IMAX screen watching the crowd so excited cheering on the horses and polo players. Then the ride gradually fades out into greener pastures as you see the animated people and horses riding equestrian and jump in 3D. Closing out the show with all the badges, ribbons and trophies won there on display with the hit song in the background, Wild Horses from The Rolling Stones (Acoustic / Lyric Video) can be heard and seen on YouTube. "Wild, Wild horses couldn't drive me away." How appropriate this song is for me, because that's the horses I trained to ride equestrian and jump, polo and horse races. The money I made there went to feed that type of country lifestyle with the best horses to ride, ranch with cows and a farm to grow organic food. As you exit the ride, you enter a gift shop full of lots of memorabilia for sale. Including treats, awards from the horse events such as ribbons and much more. We get their response and comments. It seems that they are in on it and on board. We go on to present a second idea. Now we are going for seconds. I'm thinking, the food is so great here that I want to order a second meal and take it in a doggie bag to my hotel room as a midnight snack. I order a hamburger. I have had such a craving for a good all American burger. I feel like an American Ad. Coming from Argentina, I love Texas! - Paris Hilton Carl's Jr Commercial 2014 in the Paris Hilton channel on YouTube. While the food is cooking we talk some more. We explain to our friends that maybe having a presence for Argentina and Iceland at Disney World Epcot and Animal Kingdom wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. Already it has going for it, is that Argentina is on the southern hemisphere, on the other side if the northern hemisphere divided by the equator. It's literally the last place before you reach the Antarctic. Also we notice that, Iceland is the last place before you reach the Arctic. Where dreams are made off from like in the movie, Polar Express with Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis - Movieclips Classic Trailers. We were wondering since there is such a good deal of focus on the Rainforest - maybe there could also be one on the Arctic and Antarctic with the natural habitat and animals there. It seems like it could be a unique kind of way of telling an amazing story. One where people would want to check out. It's a great way to educate the public. The Story could come from the point of view of Olaf's adventures, Disney's Frozen - His adventures start within frozen atmosphere of mystical and magical natural wonders. After we have exchanged notes and talked about everything wonderful we think could be done to brighten and enlighten the world, we say good-bye and say we will stay in touch. The next morning we head off to the World Trade Center - A historical, NYC landmark. As we stroll, we check out all the financial institutions. With a visit the heart of Tribeca. A place that reminds of my roots from my home in my Latin world. As I tap my magical Ruby Red glass slippers I say, "There is no place like home." As Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz. The original slippers can be seen in the American History museum - My modern day slippers are some glitter shoes from Kate Spade. They can be as simple as some sneakers to more flashy and fancy like pumps or booties. We feel like the Boss in our Hugo Boss clothes - As we walk the streets we feel that we have taken a step back in time. The cobblestone streets are glimmering so bright from the yellow sun shining on it, as if it could be the yellow brick road. The historical red-brick commercial buildings have been converted into residential lofts with boutiques and restaurants on the ground floors. Reminding you of a scene from the past. As I walk, I'm taking pictures of history and selfies of me and me and my boyfriend. The snapshots caught as if they were photographs from a polaroid. Putting all the photographs together with by a stitch in time. Making a quilt of artifacts from the past telling a story. Or using the pictures to create a flipbook to animate the story. A few videos are taken to get a feel of the moment. Tribeca is the place of the Tribeca Film Festival -, presented by AT&T. #tribeca2020. Also, it's a hop, skip and a jump from the hip, Soho, Greenwich Village and Chelsea neighborhoods. The following day, we put on some comfortable clothes. As we go on our research to study more about great men you conquered their world on their horse. Men who made lasting impressions on us all. Going on our route through the History channel - With our first stop, of course, the first President of the United States of America. We are at the George Washington statue, a historical landmark. Right in front of the Federal Hall - The birthplace of American government. Here, in 1789, is where George Washington became the first President of the United States. This was also the spot where the first Congress, Supreme Court and Execute offices were at. George Washington also has an equestrian sculpture of him on his horse at 5 Union Square E, in NY, NY 10003 - Winston Churchill said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." In New York city, Downing street park is named in his honor. The park is at West side of Sixth Avenue and Downing street. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) a leader and writer. His statue in London is at Parliament Square - Other important people who made history on their horse include, Woodward Wilson, the President. Named after him is, Woodward Wilson Triangle park in the Bronx, NY. He has a statue in Prague, Czech - At Union Square Park, there is a statue of President Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President in 1861. The has also a statue at the Met -, in Chicago - and in Philadelphia - and Washington, D.C - Located opposite City Hall Park is the statue of Benjamin Franklin. Note: An interesting tale that was created into a movie can be seen on the Book Movies channel of YouTube, The Bronze Horseman Trailer (2018). Ulysses S. Grant, Commanding General of the Union Army during the Civil War and U.S. President from 1869 - 1877. His statue is at Memorial park and in Brooklyn, NY. General William Jenkins Worth, a famous General of the Mexican - American war of 1846 - 1848. His monument is at Worth Square. General William Tecumseh Sherman, a famous war General. This amazing gold equestrian statue can be seen at the Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan. More information of important men with statues and monuments who made significant impacts on our history can be found on Trip advisor- and you can read more about them from various other sources, Some of them include, Bernard Baruch advisor to President Woodrow Wilson during World War I and Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II. His statue is at Baruch College - Spanish Christopher Columbus his statue is by Jeronimo Sunil in Central Park, NYC. Daniel Webster, Senator Samuel Sullivan Cox, Henry Clay, Senators during the 19th century. General Peter Stuyvesant, General Winfield Scott Hancock, General Horace Porter and General Daniel Butterfield during the Civil War and worked as an assistant treasurer to President President Ulysses Grant. Samuel J. Tilden Governor of New York. Andrew Jackson, the 7th U.S. President. Also including,, Fiorello La Guardia Congressman and New York Mayor. Reverend Henry Ward Beecher and R. James Marion Sims. Napoleon III statue is at the Met museum. A boy Napoleon statue stands outside the Hermes store on Madison and 59th street. Note: I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) - Alice Phoebe Lou, on the VoB channel on YouTube. "But I try. When I'm watching TV . .When I'm riding around the globe . .I'm on a losing streak can't you see. ." Castles built as a fortress to tell stories, keep secrets and create treasures from the stories told and secrets held. The rock from a volcano that erupted and produced Edinburgh castle still lives on. Whistlestop Edinburgh: Scotland's Beautiful Capital (Full Documentary), seen on The Orchard On Demand channel of YouTube. A magical place like those of a Harry Potter movie. For a piece of that heritage, there Ross McEwan, Chief Executive Officer of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Stories of castles: Visiting A Restored Fairytale French Castle - Chateau de Lalande Tour on the flourishmentary channel of YouTube. Visiting the Dracula Castle in Transylvania, Romania. To National Museum of the American Indian - to see how they lived their lives with the horses. Note: Crossroads made of sand fall into the sea. "Well. There was an Indian babe. Who before he was 10 played war games in the woods with his Indian friends. And he built a dream that when he grew up he would be a fearless warrior Indian Chief. Well then moons past and the dream grew stronger. . ." Castles Made Of Sand - Jimi Hendrix cover by Alice Phoebe Lou can be seen on the VoB YouTube channel. On our sightseeing would not be complete without must see places to see such as the 911 Memorial -, the org. Of course, to the Whitney Museum of American Art - https://whitney. As we make our way uptown, we head right to The Morgan Library & Museum - and the New York Transit Museum - Then to the Yale Club of New York City - to spent some time doing some research at the library there. Next, we hop on the Metro North train - at Grand Central - and take the express to Greenwich, CT. There I have my yuppie BMW - car was waiting for me to go to my 10,000 sq ft house. An amazing equestrian barn on 12.87 acres with indoor and outdoor riding rings. What dreams are made of. $14,750,000 worth of it. 429 Taconic Road, Greenwich, CT 06831 was built in 2012, with 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Listing agent Sally Slater from Douglas Elliman was kind enough to call me when this property came available. I had expressed interest to her how I wanted an equestrian estate that I could train horses for equestrian jump, the horse races and polo. I would make it a full time job. Training them to be the best and then selling them to the highest bidder. That was how I was gonna make my money. I was sure to be able to pay for all my expenses and more. In addition, I was going to use my business loan to help me out and expand my business in any way I could. Winning. Black Watch Polo: Soul. Tradition. Beauty. We, my boyfriend and I decide we want to go into the movie business. We decide to invest in some historic homes that will help set the tone for scene of our movies and photoshoot for commercials and ads. It gives it a more mystical, somewhat gothic look. Different than the rest. Our movies are sure to have a hit and be a big sensation. These are the properties in Greenwich that we visited. Wow what a piece of art. Such a masterpiece: 21 Vista Drive, Greenwich, CT 06830 - 8 bd, 13 ba, 19, 7773 sqft, $38,5000,000. 5.8 acres. Has an indoor pool, view of the sound, tennis, built in 1939. Listing agent Joseph Barbieri of Sotheby's International Realty- Greenwich Brokerage. 471 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 - 8 bd, 12 ba, 18,000 sqft, $29,5000,000. Amarpali is designer by architect Dinyar Wadia. Listing agent Amy Marisa Balducci. Sotheby's International Realty. 15 Meadowcroft Ln, Greenwich, CT 06830 - 6 bd, 12 ba, 12,682 sqft $18,750,000. 3 acres. This Renaissance style home has a virtual golf room. Listing agent James Hoffman. Douglas Elliman. 591 Riversville Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831 - 7 bd, 13 ba, 3,343 sqft $30,000,000. This equestrian estate has a barn, stalls, gym, history, built in 1775 and a view of the sound. Listing agent Janet Milligan. William Raveis Real Estate. 23 Smith Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830 - - 7 bd, 9 ba, 8,150 sqft, $39,5000,000. 5 acres. With an incredible view of the Sound. Listing Agent Sally Maloney. Hooligan Lawrence. We are so excited with our plans, that my boyfriend and I talk to our contacts in Argentina about our plans. We want them to share the news with them. They want to do business with us and ship different cases of Argentine wine to our place in Greenwich, CT for us to distribute and sell. We will sell it at different events, like the Polo in Greenwich, CT. At the Greenwich, CT Polo club - People can sample it, then choose to buy a glass to drink and a bottle to take home. Also at the Old Greenwich Yacht Club -, Pequot Yacht Club of Southport, CT -, Country Club of Fairfield -, Birchwood Country Club of Westport, CT -, the Rhode Island Polo Club - and Rhode Island Yacht Club - It's as American as Bank of America with CEO Brian T. Moynihan and American Airlines with CEO Doug Parker. Or as evil as pirates working for a glass of Argentine wine - "There's an angel contemplating my fate. .I'm loving angels instead. . Where ever it may take me. ." Jessica Simpson & David Bisbal - Mariagorn. Going that extra mile. That way everyone is happy - The secret is creating some Celtic Magic Money is to keep your cards to yourself until you've gotten you're royal straight then it's time reveal your secret but not your cards. Then you got the money working on your side. Since our plan in CT and in Long Island seemed to be so profitable we decided to double our investment and invest in more investments. We decided to go to Darien, CT for some inspiration. In our sedan by Volvo -, we go to Church. There are three churches in downtown Darien. Christ Community Church -, New Beginnings Community Church -, and Trinity Church Darien - "Encounter God, Find Community, Make an Impact." Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers,Mrs. Ginger Rogers husband. After church, we do some therapeutic shopping. First we stop at the Thrift shop. I love all the history there. From old Gucci handbags to the purple stone, Amethyst with Marcasite from the Georgian era to the red, Garnet jewelry from Victorian era. The jewelry from the Edwardian era is also very beautiful. With the many brooches and pendants made of diamonds and platinum from Cartier and Boucheron - Even though I love the Amethyst with Marcasite, I am particularly attracted to the Victorian Garnet stone. "During the Victorian period, the Industrial Revolution surged. It started with horse-drawn carriages and candlelight and ended with automobiles and electricity. It is the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom." You can read more about this stone and others at Gem Society - The color of the garnet stone is red wine. Not quite the color of a red ruby but a more Bohemian version of it. It happens to be my birthstone for the month of January. You can find jewelry made of this stone on Etsy - website or Google it to find a store near you. For more information on jewelry from ancient Eyptian jewelry to contemporary you can visit the MFA, Museum of Fine Arts -, in Boston, MA. The best shopping in Darien, can be found on Yelp - or TripAdvisor - Driving down the Post road, next we go to visit the shop, J.Mclaughlin (That's my Irish family name). J.McLaughlin November 2018 Style Guide in Great Barrington can be seen on YouTube. Then to Brooks Brothers for his and her work clothes. Our last stop is the Darien Sport shop -, because it reminds me of the store my family had in Buenos Aires. Darien Sport Shop Fall 2016 Ad Campaign - Geri Corrigan can be seen on YouTube. Celebrating over 70 years in business. A family store. The History of Darien Sport Shop - Darien Sport Shop. Discover America's Small Business with Manta - "Yea, Yea, Yea. I'm under your spell. Begging You. You got me beginning." Mercy - DuffyVEVO. Having so much fun shopping, we go to visit downtown South Norwalk, SoNo to see how all the old buildings and architecture mix with the new. Starting with the Maritime Aquarium - With the many exhibits and an IMAX theater. The theater is showing the Apollo 11: First Steps Edition and Oceans: Our Blue Planet. A site to see, just like the Mystic Aquarium - After we take a walk down the streets we go visit the amazing new SoNo mall -, by Brookfield Properties. It's where the future is at. If you want to take a ride down memory lane, check out Wall Street, in Norwalk. Reminds you off a step backwards. There is the Wall Street Theater - Next we stop at downtown Westport, CT then to Southport. Next, to horse country in Fairfield all the way to passed downtown Ridgefield, and the Playhouse - We did some house hunting and fell in love with a ranch in Ridgefield, CT. It has everything we need. Stables, house and outdoor area for the horses. This 87 acre has 2 barns is at 7-11 Old Stagecoach Road & 40 News In, Ridgefield, CT 06877. Listed at $28,500,000 by listing agent Krissy Blake of Sotheby's International Realty - Greenwich Brokerage Next we go to Kentucky to continue working on our idea. In Kentucky, we invite James Gorman of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Lloyd Blankfein Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs meet us and talk business. We talk to them about getting a business loan to get a place to train thoroughbred horses. We fell in love with 4600 Stone River Drive, in Lagrange, KY 40031. It has 253 acres and the price is $ 5,500,000. Highpoint Thoroughbred Farm is 40 minutes to Churchill Downs or about 2 hours to Keeneland Race Course and Turfway park. It has 3 training tracks, an outdoor ¾ mile oval track of sand and soil surface with Jockey Club certification for clocking qualifying workouts. There is also an indoor poly training track, 6 barns with 50+ stalls, there is a veterinary complex with x-ray and surgery capabilities, a farm with scenic fishing ponds. Realtor Nell Bradley of Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty showed us this place. Even though we love the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville because it's located on West Main Street, surrounded by bourbon warehouses we have them stay at The Brown Hotel. Built in 1923, it has that old southern charm we are looking for. Ready to make a lasting impression on them and put a spell from the smell of Kentucky Bourbon on them and put them in the right mood. The Suite there is named after the famous Louisville-born boxer, Muhammad Ali. We take the suite meet them in the AAA Four star restaurant, Diamond English Grill for some authentic Southern cuisine. This time, in Kentucky we find an amazing place to train horses. This 214 acres ranch at 10 Midway Rd. Lot FG, Midway, KY 40347, priced at $5,796,600 Has 5 horse barns, 89 stalls. We spoke to realtor Jade Westlund Gonzalez of Lifstyl Real Estate about this place. It's right in the heart of the Kentucky Derby and Bourbon. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Whiskey from Kentucky. We can sell our own brand of bourbon with a mint leaf in it at our ranch there and maybe even at Belmont Stakes Racing Festival the beginning of June. For more information on Woodford Reserve check out the blog To make enough money to pay our expenses we decided it would be fun hanging out in the country with the horses and selling our own homemade bourbon with mint in it in Kentucky. With the company logo on the bottles. It's the same logo thats on the company's home page, We also decided to make and sell amazing handcrafted saddles and intricate leather ornaments to adorn the horses to show them off. It's such a good that we are having a clothing line created. The look and feel of the clothes is in the works. The color scheme is based on the colors of nature. The colors of the flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and crickets are all so lovely with their various color palettes help create a vision for our inspiration. Designing for interiors: "A love for craftsmanship, handed down for generations." A Tradition of Craftsmanship - Ralph Lauren. "Quality improves with age. .Striving for perfection. . Every detail represents passion. ." In Kentucky we find some beautiful homes with old country charm with equestrian facilities to train horses. These are some of the ones we are also interested in; 1150 Conner Station Road, Simpsonville, KY 40067 with 111 acres is at $ 6,700,000, A Georgian Manor in the heart of bluegrass with a 200 year old log cabin room and guest house. With a guest ranch, riding area, pond, bridge, vineyards, pool and pool house. 5 bd, 7ba, 8,294 sq ft. What a magnificent place. Here we talked to realtor Julie Beam of Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty. 1143 Carrick Pike, Georgetown, KY 40324 with 10.49 acres is priced at $3,325,000, is minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park, 30 stalls, outdoor ring and grass arena. We spoke to realtor Zach Davis from Kirkpatrick & company about this place. 2025 Midway Rd,Versailles, KY 40383 with 151 acres is priced at $4,000,000, built in 1903 has 3 horse barns with 38 stalls. 1120 Kidds Mill Rd E Versailles, KY 40383, with 38 acres is priced at $3,595,000 this Quaker residence has 7 stalls. We spoke with Tom Biederman of Biederman Real Estate about this place. 1600 Zaring Mill Rd, Shelbyville, KY 40065 with 92.3 acres is priced at $5,500,000, Undulata was built in 1903, produced champion horses such as "Undulata's Nutcracker". It has 6 barns, indoor and outdoor riding areas, 9bd, 6ba, 10,265 sq ft. We spoke to Marybeth Beard from RE/MAX Associates of Louisville about this place and our ideas. 1916 Iron Works Pike, Lexington, KY 40511 with 183 acres is priced at $5,495,000, this 1800 home is 4 miles from the Kentucky horse farm. Has 4 barns with 60 + stalls with an outdoor arena. We spoke to agent Stephen Howard about this place. 6490 Russell Cave Rd, Lexington, KY 40511 has 92 acres is priced at $3,250,000 Has an indoor arena and swimming pool, 49 stalls. We spoke to realtor Bill Justice of Justice Real Estate about this place. Including 1855 Winchester Rd, Paris, KY 40361 with 417 acres is priced at $5,750,000 with 4 horse barns, 85 stalls. 5222 Paris Pike Lexington, KY 40511 with 447 acres is priced at $ 9,750,000 this 1830 mansion has 74 stalls in 5 barns. At this Kentucky Oaks place horse winner Luv Me Luv Me Not was born and raised here and so were a few others. We talked to realtor Hill Parker of Turf Town Properties about this place. In order to preserve a part of history we want to get a bank loan so we can preserve history via equestrian ranches and homes. Then turn them into showcase places to do business in. Also use them for photo shoots and for filming movie scenes that have to do with horse racing. Possibly also keep them new as a museum and tourist attractions where people can pay to visit them and learn a little bit more about history. In order to be self sufficient we invest in some farm land in Kentucky. These are the properties we looked at: 1700 Park Shire Rd, La Grange, KY 40031 - 6 bd, 8.5 ba, 12,930 sqft - $4,500,000. This 82 acre, bluegrass Meadowland Farm, has an equestrian house, ranch and farm, in the L'Esprit community. This community offers 25 miles of bridle trails. The ranch has 48 stalls, indoor/outdoor riding area, creeks and an 1858 3 bedroom guesthouse. Listed by Nell Bradley. Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty. 430 Marques Rd., Princeton, KY 42445 - 4 bd, 2 ba, 2,475 sqft - $3,545,000. This 572+ acre farm has a workshop and grain bin. Listing agent, Ben Bolinger. Bolinger Real Estate & Auction. On our way to Florida, we find this lovely place. It's a small house of 1,850 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and baths. But it has 40 stalls, a jumping rink, a grand prix grass riding field. This $3,850,000 place, is at 14475 Wellington Terrace, Wellington, Florida 33414. Listed by Betsy Keiser. It is just up the street from the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. Here we make some extra money selling some orange liquor we made from Florida oranges. We also have water with slices of Florida oranges. With grapefruits in sparkling soda non alcoholic and alcoholic. We sell it at our ranch and at the Wellington Polo Club. In Wellington we talk to C. Allen Parker from Wells Fargo bank about our investment ideas. Now we are ready for the International Polo Club of Palm Beach - Talk to certified polo instructor Gates Gridley (203) 232 - 6935. On the US Polo website - we read the latest news on Argentine Polo player, Facundo Pieces. An article by Click Polo USA. We also visit the Palm Beach Polo Golf & Country Club -